Legends of Hogwarts

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*** note: For those Harry Potter fans who want to see more adventures with Harry, along the lines of "Harry Potter and the End of the Series," you can skip this episode, as Harry Potter isn't in it. Rather, watch "Harry Potter and the Liberal Menace" or "Harry Potter and the Copyright Infringement," as those are more in-line with "End of the Series." ***

Welcome to the Sequel to "Harry Potter and the End of the Series," called "Legends of Hogwarts." If you have come across this page without first having seen "End of the Series," I highly recommend watching that one first, as otherwise you will not be privvy to all the knowledge one must have to get full enjoyment from this one.

When I saw the positive response "End of the Series" recieved, I knew that I had to do more with it, but since the main characters were dead, I was a little stuck. And so I decided to do what I predict JK Rowling may end up doing after she finishes with Harry Potter, and that is to make a series of OTHER stories that take place at Hogwarts. I imaging that this will be the first in a series of these Legends of Hogwarts 'toons, if people demand more.

Enjoy. - Nathaniel Jones, NathanielJones.com


Very Nice

Wonder what the sequel will be like?

Had me on the floor!

This was great and super funny!

ROFLMAO keep up the good work man! Make another

Oh, my god, I'm still laughing... I can't stop! GOD, not even a certain site that is spelled with a 4 and a chan and a .org, can make me laugh like this, everyday. and that's saying something. I like the way you pulled it off, but malfoy needs to be humiliated some more. make another, and if you do, I'll watch that, but keep up the good work.... holy shit, this is like the longest review I've ever written, hmm...


It was incredibly amusing, The whole style and story were gd.
It wud hav bin beter if u had used less pointless swearing.

that is fucking hilarious

that is fuckin hilarious

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Mar 21, 2006
2:40 AM EST
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