Cooking with James: ep. 2

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James, the vampire hosts his own cooking show. This time with a St Patrick's Day contest (we know its a few days late).

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ya... i got nothin

it was decent at first, and i exagerate decent. i had one or two chuckles, but that was it. i couldnt stand the part with the fat guy. it just wasnt funny. i couldnt wait for it to end, but it went on and on and on and on... i just turned it off. try some new humor or sumthin, just try to make ppl laugh.

where's the jokes?

ok good job on the animation but boy did it lack humor. Where did you think up the material for this? The humor was just absent. Bland and nothing more then cliche.....Maybe you can animate good but the humor is bleh.........

Viewed it the first time....

Didn't get a bunch of the jokes to their fullest extent, but it still made me laugh. Gotta love it when wierd folks start popping up on your cooking show, especially on Saint Pattie's!!!

another great one from neptune circle

i haven't seen a movie from you guys in a long time. nice work on this one though

Lol, Brilliant

"I will not eat them now or later, I will not eat them with Lord Vader..... oh great now you got me doing it"

Original idea, well drawn and finished of with lots of funny one liners such as the one above. Good work!

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3.70 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2006
10:33 PM EST
Comedy - Original