Gravoor 5

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This is Gravoor 5



But not the best. The best mouse avoider game isString Avoider on the frontpage. It has much better actionscripting, and its options are cool like the Create a level. This game needsx some work and it gets boring actually pretty fast considering the amount of Mouse avoider games out there now.

Tewak the graphics, make more variety, more powerups, and although the overall concept of the game is cool (need to turn the same color as the gate to open it, can shrink, ect.) it can get old.

Needs a few tweaks

1. A continue\retry button after losing all you'r live's\heart's would be very helpfull and make it very less frustrating.

2. Or, make it so that completing a level in level select counts towards the 'main game'.

3. It reminds me too much of a typical mouse avoider game, more power-ups, some better graphics and maybe a better game engine would help seperate it from the heard.

On a side note the graphics are 'Ok' but nothing astonishing that will make people remember you'r flash.

I'm frustrated!

Yea, fine, good. But REALLY annoying!

Overall decent

The game was pretty good, though the controls were kind of awkward and hard to handle. Otherwise a fun game.

An interesting idea for a game.

While I appreciation the idea behind the game, I've sort of grown out of having the patience to really appreciate things that don't involve swords.

Regardless, I did enjoy it very much. Little big on the file-size, but I didn't get very far because of a few careless mistakes, and lacked the patience to play again. Adorable character and a very clever design, I commend you on your work.


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3.81 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2006
1:51 PM EST
Puzzles - Other