Gravoor 5

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This is Gravoor 5


i love this series

yay im so happy that u made a fith;)


Sound effects, death animation, lives, colour changers, power ups THIS GAME IS THE BEST ONE YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but still no new lvl editor:( loved the new graphics loved the new challenge with the timer and lives making you rush but be extra careful too.these games are great i didnt think you could get any better than 4 with a game like this but i was wrong im thoroughly impressed keep it up, make more.... maybe add more powerups you must make more cuz nobody else will...................either that or start a support group for ppl like me who are too addicted too this game to stop (welcome to gravoor anonymous im john doe and ive been gravoor free for like 15 minutes) and thats an achievement..... lol peace out read my other reviews if you care (for other gravoor games) or not whatever

P.s. Youd better make more or ill kill you because im now a gravoor zombie and I WANT MOOOORE GAMES.......

Good game

Slighly hard , good game keep it up.

Tricky,Frustrating..but worth a shot

I was enjoying this game, I would still enjoy it if I played it again.

However, I too found it slightly annoying that the slightes bump killed you. Now, I know that is one of the main points-reflexes,adding frustration and thus you play more- but especially when you shrink it does make it annoying.

I liked the art, but I think you need a different background...mmaybe something to suit your Kirby like char.

Slippery controls made it more difficult, but made me want to play it a lil longer to get it done.

All in all it was a decent game, a few tweaks (different modes,perhaps) may make it better.Nice job.

It was..

Annoying that you died at very small margines, and that you onley had 5 lifes, i wuld suggest that you have unlimited lifes, or not so easily deaths

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3.81 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2006
1:51 PM EST
Puzzles - Other