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A Typical Dream

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Well anyways for this piece I really focused on Lip sync-ing..so tell me what you think.

Also I made a new loading screen.

Thats about it for this one so just enjoy.

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Graphics: It could have used more animation to it. The graphics were decent, but I think it needs some more detail.

Style: Art wise it’s pretty interesting to look at, it’s pretty original too. The plot was a little random but you have a good concept.

Sound: It seemed a little muffled and static like, improvement on audio quality is needed.

Interactivity: N/A.

Humor: It has some random humor in it but nothing hilarious.

Decent flash a little too short though.


not bad

it was an alright animation. a bit random, but it was still cool to watch.

That was awsome

great flash, only downside was the sound (could have been better quality) but other than that I thought the concept and the characters were great.
nice work

What the hell...

Okay, that was just fucked up, it didn't make any sense at all.

NimtheCat responds:

wow yeah..funny thing is Dreams usually don't..unless you have a dull life that they do, in that case I guess that's why you would say something like you just did..


That was absolutely dreadful!!!....
well..i have to say..i was utmost decieved by your loading screen's graphics...i thought the flash quality was going to be like that, but oh boy was I wrong....
well, that just sucked big time. the graphics were simple and lame...the voice quality was terrible...and the entire concept was pointless. the title is misleading.... yeah....nobody would even believe that this flash was supposed to be a dream. that was just horrendous.!!
i saw all your other stuff...and they're all crap too. maybe you should just stick to concept drawing and stuff...you seem to be really good at drawing characters and stuff(as i saw in this ones' loading screen)
soo yea....draw....don't animate. oh and you're not very good at coming up with ideas so don't write either. ;-) good luck on your long and fulfilling drawing expedition.
("mr. owl nooo!" and "Nim the schizophrenic cat"

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4.22 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2006
5:19 AM EST