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MMBN/Z ~The Climax~

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(NOTE:If you haven't seen part 1 and part 2 yet, watch that before this)Well, heres part 3 of the 4 part series. EDIT: Okay. Yeah. I've been WAY behind in Part 4, but I can gladly say its in production at this very moment. It will be coming out shortly.



it is spoutman not aquaman


flash...ever good job can't wait for part 4!


This wasnotbad, good action, the file seemed abit large though, other then that it had good action some humor, and a nice flow of animation, decent flash, maybe lower the size abit next time.

Big file but decent content


that was awesome!

i liked it when zero called phantom a naruto fanboy now i get it when phantom said forest of death and hes a ninja lol.....anywayyyys good series keep it up


The second I saw Zero defeat all three Guardians in one blow I thought this flash was going to be just another fanboy's attempt to make two completely different series clash into one another, such as Rockman and Sonic.

And I was right.

The graphics were fairly poor, although that's to be expected from sprite movies. Some were distorted, some were just plain wrong when you look at how you manipulated them.

The style was.. meh. Casual. I've seen a lot of flashes like this trying to make two series mesh together, and they all suck.

Sound wasn't so bad, but there were a lot of obvious music picks and bad quality MP3's in there.

Violence, Interactivity and Humor win a 0 for obvious reasons.

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3.23 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2006
4:17 AM EST
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