Stick Marathon

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This movie is all the random stick movies i would have completed if i had the time, they were just lying around on my computer and i want to know what people think of them, so review them please!


nice job, really not bad.........

at least you got SWIFT 3D. i dont even have flash . hehe... anyway nice flash.. is this your first try, if yes... well, good job then.

make a full one

the fight scene near the building was amazing i hope u make a short movie or something with that style. music at the end was an excellent choice but get rid of the beginning music. nice work.

darkwolf7676 responds:

that was the first time i'd used swift 3D as well


im sorry, i can not stand the intro song, its a cliche and doesnt fit anything anymore. i couldnt watch much more then 5 seconds of it. and i apologize for being short minded. if you can promise me that the song ends within the first 15 seconds of the animation, i might reconsider watching it and rating it more accurately. that or you could change it to another song, a different song that envokes the mood you want without being a total cliche.

i gave you a 1 for now, but if you dont change or it stops relatively quickly ill be more honest tomorrow

darkwolf7676 responds:

i dont know why the hell you didn't watch it the whole way through, you could have turned the volume down, anyway the song goes half way through the movie


Your style for this was pretty good, nothing can beat the old stick figures! Some scenes better than others, but still it was very affective. Nice job

darkwolf7676 responds:

yep... nothing beats stick figures

not bad, not great

its good you have some neat ideas, you just need to uniform them into a single flash, instead of a whole bunch of random events, stick to the warfare or the bridge crossing one, the only part i didn;t like was the guy landing nuts first on the mountain ( but come on... any guy wouldn't) overall i gave it a seven, just cause how overdone stick is now.

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3.17 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2006
9:00 PM EST
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