The Pinata of Al'gorda

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In the small town of Tabopopolis, a mother and child hold an average birthday celebration. However, their most enjoyed party favor isn't all that it seems.....


Well this movie was bad...wait wait...

No it was good :P

not bad

a fairly random animation, but also somewhat original too since i haven't seen very many animations with a Pinata in it... let alone be based on one.

laughingwarlock responds:

So I'm guessing you don't prefer random humor? That's fine. To each his own funny! And yes, I wouldn't guess that a pinata would be the center of attention.

haha nice one

Very funny short, and you just know the goth kid is gonna come back, probably as poison candy, haha
OH n the star is backwards, lol.

laughingwarlock responds:

I may make a trailer for a sequel as a joke, but this I doubt that a full length sequel is in order.

But a PREQUEL on the other hand.....


that was good one thing though the star on the goth kids shirt should have been the other way

laughingwarlock responds:

By joe I do believe your right! I'll have to keep that in mind!


Great work.

laughingwarlock responds:

Thanks for the review!

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3.10 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2006
2:06 PM EST
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