A Walk in Town

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WARNING: Flashing images
Whoa front page!! Thanks a lot!! :)
First of all: Thank you so much for all the good reviews!! I have more confidence AND something to improve on now!
This may develop into a series(story is still in the working periode) but so far it's only an experiment with music. It took me ages to finish but i'm quite pleased with the outcome. It's mouse drawn and most of the mowements is fbf. turn up the music and enjoy...hopefully...



Especially so, considering that this is mouse drawn! Very well animated piece, mighty smooth, very little improvement needed. The shaping of the faces could be a little better, but that's it. Well choreographed, timed to the beats of a good soundtrack. I'd say if you do another keep the dialogue silent, unless there's going to be alot of it, but don't settle for anything of poor acting or sound quality in any case; it would bring the overall quality down. If I were you, I'd request donations via paypal to get your a*s a wacom tablet. I'd give a buck =).

diying of...lack of...COLOUR!!

that was pretty good, but in my opinion, i reely needed colour. well more of it anyway. but appart from that, it was reely good.


I'm trying hard to remember something that could separate this from every other hero-who-carries-a-sword-and-randomly-meets-equally-tough-b
addies but I cannot think of one thing. There is some element of skill to your animation, but your scenario building skills need work. Imitation does not equal brilliance, or even okay, just unforgettable.

Worth a 9

Loved the killing scenes that tied directly to the beat of the song. It reminded me a lot of Kill Bill (dont know if that was your intention with the song, but it worked). The animation was great, good art and good flow. The previous reviewer mentioned your use of simple black and white, and I agree, it made for a different feel in watching this, almost as if I was playing a midieval XIAOXIAO. Anyway, good work, worth a 9.


Someone's been watching too much anime... The flash itself was okay, the music fitted the attacks and other things in the flash suprisingly well. Good job I guess, but I've watched quite a bit of anime these couple of days, so you get the idea.

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4.17 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2006
1:51 PM EST