A Walk in Town

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WARNING: Flashing images
Whoa front page!! Thanks a lot!! :)
First of all: Thank you so much for all the good reviews!! I have more confidence AND something to improve on now!
This may develop into a series(story is still in the working periode) but so far it's only an experiment with music. It took me ages to finish but i'm quite pleased with the outcome. It's mouse drawn and most of the mowements is fbf. turn up the music and enjoy...hopefully...


That guy don't know hwat he's talkin about...

Awsome! That was great! The guy before can suck my dick if he doesn't like this movie. He obviously has no taste. To the guy that posted before me: Fuck you.

That's all.

I can't believe this made the front page!!!

It's alright, but it could had been made better. Theconcept of a samurai (or whatever he is) getting attacked by street punks is good but that man at the end (and to a certain extent the three people in suits) are unrealistic. The punks have no obvious reason to attack him and you must be pretty stupid to assault a samurai who has a sword with a baseball bat. It would be nice if the camera didn't keep on jumping around and freezing all the time as well. The background music is good but there aren't any talking, people shouting in pain after being stabbed or anything else. Finally, I'm not sure if it's meant to be funny, but it's not funny at all.

quaro responds:

I'm sorry you didn't like it but then again I can't satisfy everyone...


You are an amazing fbf animator. Do you visit any sites where I might be able to get in touch with you on? You are just really good.
Loved the fullbodyness. seksy!

quaro responds:

unfortunently not but you can contact me on my email if you want. Be warned though that I might not answer for awhile since I forget checking it sometimes...
but here it is...

i love this freakin' movie!!

this movie is definitly going into my favs at number 1. you have perfect timing with the music. the graphics could have been better, as they say, but i think it was kool the way it is. and the dude with his face wrapped up, kinda cheesy, but kinda kool. just freakin awesome man!!

pretty good

It was entertaining to watch. I liked how the fight scenes matched the music. The blood splatters were a nice animation instead of some of the crap I've seen on here.

I expect your artwork to improve in the next one and I'm eager to watch it :D Keep on improving woot

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4.17 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2006
1:51 PM EST