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Made by:BBqbeefburgerman

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Fart joke... wow


Humor is a serious thing, see?
There's nothing BBQBBM laughed at.

Ps. omg, huomasin just että oot suomalainen. Kyllä suomalaiset osaa!

Zagaboom responds:

Jep. Kyllä me suomalaiset vaan ollan proita.

Meh, not amazing

~The good~

A new character is introduced who looks pretty damn cool, pumpkinClock, even though I don't understand why he's evil. The graphics have their own style, like in all your flashes, they're pretty dark, but still very funny. The music in the background was a professional choice, may I say, you also had subtitles, which really helped and you should have them in all your flashes!

~The bad~

I didn't like how you didn't have an "EDN", or that silly laugh you have in most of your BBQ flashes. The farting jokes, as I said in my BBQBeefManAdventures2 review, isn't very funny, if it doesn't have your signiture laugh, which I hope you have in every flash from now on! Also, I would've liked it to be longer, but I guess the random endings are part of your flash making, plus, if you're planning to ship these out two a day, I guess I'd expect them to be pretty short :\

Overall, far from my favorite, but you do have subtitles and you did a better job of presenting this flash. I hope this review was helpful!


Zagaboom responds:

Thank you for neat review


hell nice stuff. and this style - love it. ya got my 5 here xP

Zagaboom responds:



CUTE!!!1 That was such a cute movie!11

i fived it cuz it was goddamn cute.

Zagaboom responds: