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All dressed up

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Just a dark animation i worked on for 2 months give and take hope you like it people tend to find that this is boring but i just thought i would make the aniamtion about a rough time i had when i was younger.

BTW : Yeah that does look like me.

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So, I thought it was a wonderful flash. Beautifully done. I was bored out of my mind... because of the music and the sound quality. but I thought it was very well made.

DooVoo responds:

Glad you seen it for what it was pity most members blammed it on the count that theres was an error on the first attempt so i tried twice, which people didn't like for reasons i explained but probably too childish to understand.

Excellent cartoon

Blueled and --Catbert-- read the bloody comments before you give this toon a bad a rating he clearly said that he resubmitted his cartoon because there was a problem and got blammed before it even had a chance to be seen, and Blueled thats hardly a reason to give a cartoon a bad rating cause the character doesn't animate, he said he wanted the room to animate not the character and he seemed to accomplish his goals cause the room animates beautifully well done nice cartoon.


I have never seen anything like that before. It was truely perfect. Congratulations.

DooVoo responds:

Thanks man glad you liked and watched it through to the end.

very original

I have to say, even though i really didnt like that song, the syles you implemented in creating that scene were awesome. I felt like you really told a story by showing the objects of the room in a certain order. Then, at the end, you see it from the outside. I've never seen any flash use masks this effectively.

DooVoo responds:

Yeah people get too hooked up in wanting to see the character animate but i wanted the room to animate so i focussed on that, so thanks.

ah... good job man!

Good job! I was on the flash forum when you said, "why did this get blammed?" It looks like you made some major improvements! It was really good and I hope to see more of your work out there man! Good Job!


BTW: this review dedicated to an awsome dude named PaCoW who died in a car crash just yesterday... RIP man. I <3 you!

DooVoo responds:

Yeah sry to hear about PaCoW i had a couple of people that died close to me aswell thats what some of the hidden messages in the storys about and getting into fights in a daily basis and get thrown out my hose having to live out in the streets.

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2.65 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2006
10:13 PM EST