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Fred the Notable Monkey

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When Clydex the Platypus gets a Wikipedia entry and Fred's entry is threatened to be deleted, there's only one course of action to take!

This is a FredtheMonkey.com cartoon short. EDIT: Thanks very much for the Front Page honor. Also everyone please note I do not care if Fred is in Wikipedia, but am merely against their methods of telling people they are not large enough to be mentioned there.

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I really do like this cartoon. It's probably because I go to Wikipedia so often. It does make me sad whenever they delete articles. Okay, I guess most of them are ones I am never aware of. I was just sad Hinata got deleted. Anyway, the voices are pretty funny.

I had never heard of FredtheMonkey.com. Well, a lot of stuff from Newgrounds has been deleted there. It seems like you didn't pronounce Wikipedia right. Well, you did at the end. A platypus is close to being as entertaining as a monkey.

kill the wicked pedia






Pretty damn funny!!