Actionscript Tutorial.

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The preloader works now!

Hate the music? Get into one of the tutorials and mouse over menu to turn it off.

This isn't just your standard tutorial. It covers enough actionscript to get beginners on their feet, give programmers experianced in other languages a quick start and even help you remember if you haven't scripted in a while. Even if your a pro this tutorial may teach you something new. It contains four primary sections: a conceptual actionscript section to teach basic concepts of actionscript, applied actionscript with code samples if you need something quickly, a quiz to reinforce the conceps you learned, and a more advanced section which gives you the basics of more advanced concepts so you can understand them and learn more about them.



This thing is awesome, you just motivated me to start doing flash again. About 2 years ago I tried to make some flash animations and stuff like that but it never worked out because I just sucked in actionscript(I never found any tutorials and only knew the basic stop() or Gotoandplay() commands), now I just watched this tutorial for about 5 minutes and feel very comfortable with the actionscript-thing, Its really helpful and easy to understand
Thanks man!

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cool one

it was a pretty cool and informative tutorial. the audio was pretty good too... especially since it was from the audio portal too. i always love seeing audio portal music. the tutorial itself was pretty good too, definitely helpful if you're having problems with actionscript... i recommend this tutorial to newbies.

Good actionscript tutorial

This is a good tutorial flash about actionscripts. There are TONS of information about actionscripts to read. Maybe SOOOOO many pages to read through this tutorial, but it's good since the reader will read more information about how to use actionscript. :) I know a little bit about actionscript, but only the basic stuff on flash such as play, stop and those sort of things. If I ever want to use more actionscript on a flash I would work on, I should check back here. Nice work.


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Great JOB. (H E L P !)

One of the best tutorials, but I got one problem.
Every time I make an enterFrame action it does'nt work beacuse of this error:

**Error** Symbol=Symbol 1, layer=Layer 1, frame=1:Line 1: Clip events are permitted only for movie clip instances
onClipEvent ( enterFrame ) {

What's wrong? Thx for HELP.

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johnfn responds:

You're not putting the clip event on the actual movie clip. You put it on the frame. You SHOULD click on the movie clip, and then go down to events, and then put in the clip event.

Grant me a favor (omg word play)

Glad to be working with you now John ;)

Let's hope our game will reach the top too ^^

Voted 5, reviewed 10, O RLY???

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Mar 18, 2006
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