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Actionscript Tutorial.

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The preloader works now!

Hate the music? Get into one of the tutorials and mouse over menu to turn it off.

This isn't just your standard tutorial. It covers enough actionscript to get beginners on their feet, give programmers experianced in other languages a quick start and even help you remember if you haven't scripted in a while. Even if your a pro this tutorial may teach you something new. It contains four primary sections: a conceptual actionscript section to teach basic concepts of actionscript, applied actionscript with code samples if you need something quickly, a quiz to reinforce the conceps you learned, and a more advanced section which gives you the basics of more advanced concepts so you can understand them and learn more about them.

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This. Is. Amazing. Nice soundtracks to. +1 Nice gui too.

Extremely helpful. My first exprience with ActionScript and i'm already capable of creating cool shiz! Thanks man!

Excelent tutorial! Thank you very much... First time i touch AS after a few years, leartn C and C++.. Seems as if all the languages are based on the same basis! Maybe you should categorize everything in a bigger menu.. Rather than that excelent!

Very helpful, but which script version is it.

The way you went over and described the different subjects of scripting and how you put it into terms a semi-beginner could understand was phenomenal. Almost all other tutorials I see are lists of how to do certain specific things, leading to no learning that can take you beyond the script they give you.
But after looking at this, I am actually seeing how the patterns in this are applied to other scripts I see, and no other tutorial or person on the forums has been able to do that.

Although, which Actionscript version is it? I noticed that some of the scripts you had either weren't complete so they were easier to understand, or you are not using AS 2.

You have my 5/5. Great learning device you've made.


Nice tutorial, really helps us noobs out. One question 'bout the "if" statement, I'm making a fps I have very good ideas for gameplay and story but VERY SHITTY PROGRAMMING, so I beg you to please help me with this.

I want the "if" satement to do something whether a mentioned movieclip is in a specific frame number or not, but I just don't know how to write it in "programming language", can u please tell me how to? ^^