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Nim the Schizophrenic Cat

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Alright well this is an intro to my Series Nim the Schizophrenic Cat! Those of you that have seen my other pieces can probably see that the intro is longer than that show..yeah well I'll work on that. Anyways this one turned out pretty well I think..except for this damn rock that popped up at the end of the intro movie..

Anyways As of right now I'm trying to convert my Comics into animations so if your bored and don't want to wait for the flash anmations check out the comics by going to my profiles site.

So yeah tell me what you think.

P.S. The whole running part is pretty hard I guess thats why alot of people don't make characters with legs.. haha.

And last but not least I can't freakin figure out how to make the music stop..so if you don't want to hear it keep playing close the window..don't just write a review saying "it sucks because the music don't stop.." mmkay? thanks.

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pretty good animation for it's time (only rating this on the animation quality for newgrounds animations at the time).

This is cool

I really loved the sound and the feel of this tunesky if u need some pretty good audio of this nature i've got a track u may want to hear search me up on the ap. SRY about the self add anyways this is just neato i think that cats crazy movement will stay in my brain all night thx for putting time and effort into your flash Peace syntrus out (0_0)

dude, this was just creepy

the animation gave me a nightmare last night.

not being an ass, but i actaully had a nightmare about this last night

The nightmare before NIM?

lol, the style kinda looked like your own spin off tim burton. Its great! I loved the music too. The only reason I gave it a 9 is because it played too choppy. it took quite a while to load, and im on dsl, then it kept stopping. But I got the jist of it. Keep up the good work.


this is some wierd stuff, it's really really good though! :D