The Ninja Penguin

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Hello there, this is my third proper flash creation, personally i think it's an improvement, but i know i still have a long way to go.

Firstly, sorry for the rushed parts, working on this was a bitch, and if i work on it anymore, i'll die.

In theory, this could develop into a series, muchly depending on what you guys think of it. I've got plenty of ideas that can be put into pratice, and basic storyline, but i'd rather leave this how it is and get some feedback before going all-out on another. All reviews will be replied too, aslong as they are not overly offensive. >=(

I'd started this before noticing the idea had already been thought up, so credit to MinimaN and his series based on Ninja Penguins. :) which kicks ass, check it out.

Finally Enjoy! (if you die of boredom during the movie, i will not take responsibility.)



Been here since 06 but 5 years later ti still rocks played this when i c1st came to newgrounds thx dude awesome game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pretty good

just one thing idnt get was when he ran to the button to release the animals he passed it by a couple feet then pressed it


Hmmm it seems like you like your P90s xD Anyway that was pretty cool. Nice explosions lol.

I liked it

I liked this it had alot going for it, good characters. nice animation, abit of story some action, and some entertainment value aswell, the size was abit much maybe cut it down just a tad, other then that its cool.

Big but entertaining.


SuperTom responds:

Thanks man, thanks for watching, it's been ages since this flash got a viewing lol, mind if i ask how you stumbled accross it? Thanks again or your review.


by the way, in your reply you can tell me to fuck off as much as you want because im not a flash master (i dont even have flash yet.)

i thought it was really cool and i could see youd taken a million years on it so even though action was a bit strange i wanna say nice one, especially seeing as how its your third flash.

SuperTom responds:

heheh wow, if i had spent a million years on it then i wouldv'e told ya to fuck off, but the action bit was rushed so you have all the right to say it was strange. :) I just got bored of making it, and didn't fancey drawing any more :p.

Cheers for your review.

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3.66 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2006
6:29 PM EST