One man doomsday.

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Well, thnx to stickpage.com for sponcering this, and thanks to rockhardanims.com for keeping me motivated.
note- read the tutorial before playing


1st review!!!!

yea cosmo cosmo....ur my hero =')''' u pwn at this shit.i <3 u lol jk but u own. this game was smart and fun! but the sticks come outta nowhere and its annoyin lol. 12389754318954328534789abagillionx4378905478979809784395854

Ok, I guess...

This was pretty basic as far as stick games go, but was a little too basic, bc there are about a thousand other games like it. More detail, better moves, less swarming by the enemies, and different weapons would have been good. Also, I found several places where you could just stand and shoot the gun all day and never get hurt and keep killing sticks by the truckload, so either that needs to be fixed too or maybe an ammo counter or something.

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Kinda cool..

..but kinda annoying. It could've been more fun if there wasn't always 10 sticks beating you from all directions. And the fighting was too simple. Needs more moves. Now it's just too hard and boring..

Animation was ok, but it was just stick guys so..

It has potential.


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shit this was fun

Awosme game. I really dont think this would have the same effect -if someone tryed to do it wiht non-stick figures. really fun game

this is really fun :)

the music was kinda annoying after a while though

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3.62 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2006
6:01 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other