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Devil Hunter: Episode 4

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Author Comments

THIS IS NOT STOLEN IF YOU SEE IT ON MY new YUNGJAZZ ACCOUNT. I have decided I want all my cartoons on my new account and yes, Yung Jazz is me!



Hey! your drawings keep getting better! This series is definatly goin places. keep it up, ill be watchin out for your next episode


Quite good.

Hey Kalen. In case you couldn't tell from my review I did of Vurby, this is Tony. I made a Newgrounds account in order to review your stuff. This is easily the best out of the ones you have done. Good choice of music in the beginning, that's a good song for a scene like that. The only thing I can think to say, outside of what Samanta said above me, is that you need to tighten up some of the animation. When Kiara's dodging the lightning ball-things, it looks like a sudden gust of wind just blows her that way. Also, when "Blues" (I still think of he and "Jazz" as Pyro and Spyro... it sounds better) kicks the big-ass dinosaur thng, he barely moves at all. He's just spinning slowly, without his body changing positions at all. Otherwise, though, this was excellent. Keep up the good work.

Yung-SamuraiJazz responds:

yeah yeah, i dunno how many times im gonna say it, i was lazy, i spent like no time on this. Don't worry, the next one's gonna better, alot better. When I get the next ones out, all of these'll be deleted. And will you tell Samantha to pick up her phone?


Hey Kalen tis me Samantha~
I must say WOW! You are getting really good at these! My favorite part to watch is when Kiara is running... the music goes so well with it *-* I also wanted to tell you that I have a microphone of my own so I can do some voice acting for you if you'd like! All you gotta do is get on AIM and IM me at Pride kun since that is my new screen name now x3 But anyways I noticed something! When you had Kiara running her shirt was like a tank top but when she was getting up to take about project Venom she had a short sleeved shirt on! Its still awesome though! But when speaking into the microphone... don't put your mouth so close to it and you won't get the breathy sound. IM me so I can do voice acting for you xD
Sam <3

Yung-SamuraiJazz responds:

Hey! Man it's been awhile hasn't it? Sorry I haven't been talkin to ya lately, but my internet went out and the only way im getting these on here is going to the library, but umm call me or email me or something and we'll figure out a way to do the voice acting. And btw Kiara's shirt is an umm... magical transforming shirt, so leave me alone! ;P

I liked it.

Over all it was entertaining and I enjoyed it. The graphics were decent and the music fit pretty well. The only problems I had with it was the sound quality in some parts of the animation. Also some of the animation it self wasn't as good as the rest, which stood out to me. But hey, I won't go complaining about little things. Over all it was good and you did a great job.

Not bad

That was pretty good:)

The graphics were pretty good overall, although some parts were a bit rushed like the blood and when that guy kicked that monster in midair without shifing at all, but overall they were good.

your style is pretty cool, It's anime but the heads and stuff are shaped differently, it's pretty stylin. One thing I think you should stick to basic shading, gradients, or both for ALL of the characters, you switched back and forth, one person shaded, one person gradiant, things like that.

the sound was good. i didn't notice the voice overs to be as bad as people say, and i think the music actually fit, just because the people talk kinda gangsterly.

Anyways nice job and please keep it up:)

Yung-SamuraiJazz responds:

hehe well thanks, glad u liked it. next time i'll try not to be lazy with the colors so much

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Credits & Info

3.76 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2006
12:20 PM EST
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