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it was fucking/painfull night when movie was creatured damn it....


No comment

What was it about? thats all I want to know. I think the pointless bloodshed and all but at lest have some form of a fake plot to tie things together. I love a twisted soul as much as the next person but at lest make a point to watching it. Or no one else will.


get a life and stop being an emo, if your gonna make a flash make one that doesnt suck...IF! then movie would have been better i would have been nicer but NO!, all it was was some crappy little guy in the back turning into a fat winged monster type thingy that riped its own head off, and then you just had the same images falshing over and over in the background you could have atleast got some more

kerza responds:

well how we say at my place...ej izdrazies tu kunas berns !!emo bled kraninu norausu un durvis iespiedishu iedomiga kuce that mean's have a nice day a tahnks for rewien mauka mirsti!!! :)

pure evil

Although the character animation could use some work, the music and concept is killer! F**kin' A. Good for a 1 nighter..

check out the music credits on my last one if you dig metal, later!

kerza responds:


Fucking wonderful...

This is a movie of a calibre that i have not seen in many moons. good work.

kerza responds:

what can i else say THAKS

Nice Work!

Another of the born breathren has awoken to it's calling! All of the meek will know his name soon! With your help the Dark Demon shall arise, and those who stand at his side are going to blessed with supernaturality beyond their minds capability!

The music could have been a little clearer, but I liked it. Dark imagery is always a bonus! Well done! Like the style! Keep it up!

You shall be at the Masters when he arise's!

kerza responds:

lol master :DD thanks

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Credits & Info

1.70 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2006
11:55 AM EST
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