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Mr. Owl Nooo!

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Mr. Owl gets pissed at a kid trying to figure out how many licks.. it takes to get to the center of a lolli pop.

Well this is my second animation. I'm sure once you see it you will get what it's based off of.

Anyways I tried my hardest to improve the audio on this animation.So tell me what you all think!

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Kinda childish

It was kinda childish... i mean blocking the vussing and the really high voices

that was funny

kinda fucked up but yea I was waint fer someone ta make fun a thoose comercials


I don't see how someone could find this funny. It's just plain disturbing and wrong. Don't waste your time doing something like this again.

1.10/5.00, F, 32/100

Good ol classic

I remember those commercials as a kid, you certainly got the spare style of those ads down pat. Your sound is still majorly off, though.. the main problem was that it was too low, especially for the kid with the Tootsie Pop. Improve that, and it'll be totally awesome!


I thought that idea wuz decent, but how you carried it out wuz awful: the sound quality was bad, you could've made a better attempt at the graphics, and after the movie ending, the sound kept loopin. Anyhoo, I found it funny. Do you know what came first?: the chicken of the egg? And what would you do for a Klondike bar? Huh?