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Happy St.Patrick's day!!!

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Happy St.Patrick's day everyone!!!! ^_^ Hope you have a good one.

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no u stoopid fag face its st patricks day

look guys i got beer!

five minutes isnt enough to get drunk unless ur swimmin in beer and if i recall i only saw 1 glass of beer

its awsum thou so dont say im being abusive and shit

not bad

decent flash the music was cool as hell, but I didn't find it that funny.

Galloglasses responds:

Fair enough

Freaggin' Kul!!!!

After this i hope I could wear green and drink irish beer all year!!!
REALY!!!! Shit!!! that was AWXOME!!!!!
keep doin' festivity flash
arxarts, a bit drunk!!!!

Galloglasses responds:

Yay! Happy St.Paddy's day! =D


Happy St. Patrick's day to ya too, lad. This day..We shall rise up! RISE UP AGAINST THE BSUH ADMINISTRATION!!!! AGAINST CONDELEAZA RICE! AGAINST MCDONALDS! AGAINST BURGER KING!!! WE SHALL RISE UP! *puts on Irish headband* FOR WE ARE THE FLBBLBLBL!! WE ARE THE FLBLBLBLB!!! WE ARE THE FLBLBLBLBLBLBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE..ARE. ONNEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs outta breath* lol, sorry about all that, I drank a little bit too much today. Tops to ya. ;)

Galloglasses responds:

I like your enthusiasm =)

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Happy St.Patrick's day GeneralSargent!

Good Saint Patrick's Day.

I would say this is a overall great llflash but the screaming sfx when the that one lock was killed is uh idk stupid, old, and annoying. And also subtitles would be great for the deaf and those with no speakers or they are either broken or don't have the volume turned up.

Galloglasses responds:

Thx for watching, ( i just forgot about the subtitles)