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Dead & Killing

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Death with guns. After watching some horrible "trailers" as in 4 frames of animation. i thought why not make a really crappy trailer for a movie i'll never make. isn't that what Newground's is for?!?!?!

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I liked the idea, but it was too damn short and graphics could be better.


Graphics - I gave a 6. becuse they were basicly outlines of the drawings. they were still good though

Style - i gave a 7 cuz it looks like it has zombies..

Sound - Bleh. ive heard better

Voilence, tis got guns. i love guns >:)

Halph-price responds:

you actually pondered this one. nice review, it was helpful. most all of my drawings are outlines, but monet was always critcized of having half finished drawings and yet started one of the most influential art movments of impressionism.
yea, zombies are cool. there isn't any exactly, but i could make that easy. hmm, you just gave me an insane idea to make dead vs zombie.
sound was hard, i didn't want to use the same old ones. and it's hard to do sound. i'll try to do better in that , i really should be for what i am going into, but i lost all of my sounds in a ahrd drive crash. srry.
yea, why does he need a gun? because guns are cool. i tried to mke the guns look good. i knew you ng whores would like that. you prove my point.

Nice Parody

Derpy derpy - last reviewer HeroicDevil didn't read your summary of the Flash. Well I did. So I know a real epsiode isn't ever coming.

I thought this was a funny replica of all the damn trailers that show up on this site. But this didn't really PARODY the trailers. The content WAS funny - but it was awfully short and the animation was... messy. Good, but needs cleaning up. And you could have parodied better.

- 2/5 -

Halph-price responds:

at least you got it. yea i did this in one night after not sleeping until 9 in the morning. some of the trailers, NIGH, most of the trailers are crap, and who would want to see the movies based on that crap.
most good flash animations don't have trailers either, NIGH, no good flash movie does.
they make the damn movie, not pretend there going to make a movie based on the trailer.

Upgrade of weapons

It's a... New perspective I guess. But it's so out of place. Still, very funny

Halph-price responds:

thanks. it's suppose to be more of a parody, hence the ut of placeness. not of anytihng in particular, but of movie trailers in general.

Ok for what it is (I guess)

Dude...why would DEATH need a gun?

Let's see a real episode.

Halph-price responds:

the real question to pose is, why WOULDN'T death need a gun? the touch of death Area of Attack is Touch. a gun has a much longer reach.

Credits & Info

2.75 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2006
6:31 AM EST