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This game has been a long project for me. I started it last year, then lost flash, then got flash back, then finished it. Here it is. The story is, your on mars, and you are investigating signs of life. Then the martians attack you, and it starts from there. Enjoy.


it was good

there were a lot of bugs. like if i went all the way the the right then my health would just continue to go up.

Chindamo responds:

Dude! Thnx man I've fixin it now.


Hey that was awesome gameplay but the graphics let it down... if you spent as much time on the graphics as u did on the rest it could have been front page, the wheels spun the top swiveled with realistic graphics in place of those ones it would be really good. maybe music too, and animations when u die. i think a V2 would be wicked

Pretty good!

Nice solid animation sound fx.


This game is quite interesting

I played it untill 10 th level and i liked it though, but, it was a kinda easy and another thing, i've noticed that the "rockets" looked like pills or sumthin' like that, but a good work indeed!

Chindamo responds:

Thnx. He shoots RPG's which stands for rocket proppeled grenades, so the things are basically modifies grenades without pins that explode on impact.

This game was excellent in my opinion

This game is a big improvement on" Space Revenge'' Chindamo. I really liked it.

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4.31 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2006
3:19 AM EST
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