Sonic's Look Alikes

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Sonic’s Look Alikes:

While waiting months on end for auditions, I have gotten bored and while I was bored I went looking for something to do. Surprisingly I found a really old project I was working on, but had to stop cus’ I couldn’t find decent Maria sprites or at least an animation, until I found the Mystical Forest Zone. Now during my time of boredom, I had fixed up (as much as possible), improved and finished this little clip all for your amusement. In case you may not get, it’s meant to resemble a past, present and future scenario (keeping in mind that the newest release at the time was Sonic Adventure 2 Battle). All copyright Sonic characters belong to Sega and Sonic Team (as if we didn’t know that already).



You really know how to make a good Flash movie! You got my 5!

Vixin-McCloud responds:

Thank you! Thank you! FEED THE EGO!!

nice movie

why does the background and the bike are bigger than sonic at the beggining of the movie???

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Vixin-McCloud responds:

Cus' I was an inexperienced, little git when I made that scene.

best sonic movie

i have nothing to say about the movie
SHADOW RULES hes the only one that shoots

Vixin-McCloud responds:

Well...Shadow did rule when he was still a bad ass instead of being an annoying emo. Still, thanks for the 10s! ^^

That was a great movie ever, I know it!!

That is... Oh crap, I'm out of words, but I do have my back-up words! I saw Sonic riding a bike, but with his eyes closed?! he should've wore a protective gear and how did he still maintained focus with his eyes still closed?? That nearly freaked me out, because then if he was heading directly into one of the objects, I dare not say a word what might happen to him! Those Mecha-Sonics do mean business at all, dudette!

I saw a guy with a 3 score and that was so dumb. I got something for those who hate her movie! Don't piss her off and her movie, 'cause she means business; and another thing, just because she is cute, does'nt mean she can kick the crap out of ya for those who dis' her and her movies!

I know that one day, I'll be a hero as well, I say. And my girlfriend was too busy guarding the Master Emerald! How about a hug of kindness for me? Because that movie of yours gave me a lot of happiness and including laughter! (I just hope my girlfriend does'nt find out or she'd be pissed! I know, I'll switch her power to sleep mode, heh heh heh.)

Vixin-McCloud responds:

It's reviews like these that I just wanna paint on a billboard and show the world CUS' IT IS SO TRUE!! FEED THE EGO!!!

I never thought about how Sonic still maintained focus with his eyes still closed. Hmm...well it's...um...damn. You got me on that one. Still thanks for that. *hugs in return* Lets just hope that Zeel1 didn't see me. lol


if you changed the color of that metal sonic thing so it was blue it would look alot like sonic heroes, not that it matters too much, it's still good

Vixin-McCloud responds:

Thanks! I didn't want the thing to look like Sonic Heroes.

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3.79 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2006
12:43 AM EST
Comedy - Parody