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***Sprite Haters please leave now***
***Large File | Not Dial-Up Friendly Sorry***

A look back at the flashes I've made up to this point.This marks Number 10!Hope all of you have enjoyed my work up til now and for those who haven't seen any of them,this is a good preview hopefully ^_^

James_Davy called it a "movie/music clip" and went on to say "that was great spriting"

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that wasnt bad. i loved the part where tails was a dj and knuckles was break dancing! yea!

Zer0-exy responds:

Floating Island Dance Party ;)

One of your best!

I have to say, without a doubt, one of the best concepts you have ever come up with. The song fit the mood perfectly. And showing all of the preloaders and all the best flash movies you made so far really kicked it. It was very nice. 0 for humor since, there wasn't any, and shouldn't be, and 0 for violence, unless you count that MCC melts. 5 interactivity for 5 preloaders. Overall, 9 and 5/5. One of your best yet, keep it up.

Ketsueki Baka,
F-KREW Swordsman

Zer0-exy responds:

Well to turn it around on you,this is probably the best review I've gotten for this.You said things and then backed them up with your reasons.That's what I like to see so I know what I can do in the future.Anyway thanks for the review and the scores ^_^


Not bad, Very interesting and creative. Great preview to all the games and your music video creation genre.

Zer0-exy responds:

Thanks...but I haven't made any games yet.And this wasn't really a preview,unless you haven't seen any of those flashes yet.But thanks for the review :)


Clock crew?Not impressed.

Zer0-exy responds:

WRONG...way wrong!Not Clock Crew...F-KREW(now neutral)!How bout a better review next time.

Excellent! U ROCK!!

I'd call it a movie/music clip myself but that was great spriting!

Zer0-exy responds:

Wow thanks dude! :D