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PPGD: Battle in Megaville

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Author Comments

First off, read Bleedman's Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi (PPGD) if you haven't! Doujinshi is Bleedman's work, *NOT* mine!!
http://ppg.snafu -comics.com/

This is a fighting game based off of the story and characters of PPGD. 6+ playable characters! Juggle combo system! Several unlockable secrets!

Front page? Thanks guys, you rock!

Have questions/trouble? Click "Read More" and read FAQ at bottom.


PPGD is a doujinshi written by Bleedman.
The character sprites in the game are creations of Dan123 and Emm456.

1. the character pics on the character selection screen are outside of the boxes
-> just my personal aesthetic preference
2. the combos use the keys F and G, not A and B
-> A and B stand for 'Attack A' and 'Attack B'
3. the powerpuff girls change uniform between different attacks
-> my use of incoherent sprites (did not feel motivated to edit them all, praying you don't notice)
4. What are the controls? Can I change them?
-> Go to the "Options" on main menu to see/change them
5. How do you play?
-> read the "How to Play" on main menu
5. How do I beat Zim?!
-> He's vulnerable to a certain laser attack..
-> try hitting 'F' or 'G' (your default attack buttons)
7. How do you pause?
-> You can press ENTER, or click on MENU

Version History:
- first release
- link to bleedman's comics now opens in new window.
- new Zim voiceovers by InvaderJimu
- can now hit JUMP for fast on-ground fall recovery
- damage levels increased by 50%
- now skipping win screen is possible
- adjusted sound volume for certain voices
- added a congratulations screen for beating story mode on highest difficulty
- fixed congratz screen's bugs..
- improved congratz screen, for difficulty 6+.
- fixed zim for versus.
- zim now falls in versus mode
- added extra hidden options

Found a bug?
Then please let me know. I like fixing bugs.



Nice art.

Another great work

After Arayh made Etherena, which is IMO the best Flash game ever created, he comes up with a game with a completely different style yet still manages to be elaborate, challenging, and very fun. The sprites are all very good, and I love the little touches like Buttercup doing a kame-hame-ha and Bell with Gir. The controls are very tight and intuitive, and it's a great fighting system, imagine Etherena Beta in perpetual juggle mode (albeit with limited juggles) at a slower pace. The blocking and dashing system means that it's very hard to hit someone but if you do they are in for a world of pain.

The character AI's, like in Etherena, are excellent, they are very difficult, react to you well, and aren't terribly stupid. The game has a very wide challenge level so that beginners and hardcore gamers alike may be pleased. The final boss in particular, Shira Bell, is a throwback to Etherena's Elites and is one of the hardest things that I've ever run up against in a video game. However the only problem here is that Shira is so much more challenging than the preceding opponents that you usually can clear the rest of a given difficulty level with ease, then take forever to defeat Shira. After hours of fighting Shira at level 7, I blew through level 8 with ease, and still can't beat Shira at level 8.

The characters all have their distinct techniques and their plusses and minuses. Dexter is slow and strong, Buttercup is melee-oriented, Bubbles and Rowdyruffs are combo kings, and Blossom has the amazing ice breath attack. Overall, it's all balanced, with the exception of Bell. Bell's ridiculous. Her only minus is that her dash is a little slower, but in exchange you get an uber jump, superior melee, a cylinder to nuke anyone who gets above you, and most importantly the most amazingly rigged long-ranged attack in the game. All you really have to do is spam that and your enemies are soon vanquished. To give an example of how much Bell excels, just today I was having problems with Invader Zim at difficulty 8 with Buttercup (who I've been using for a very long time, ever since I started playing the game). I in desperation tried using Bell, who I had never played at all before, and with her amazing maneuverability I fried Zim. Then, I had to fight myself, and I blew it out of the park using my rigged attacks. Shira prevailed over me in the end, but I defeated her once and the other two rounds were close ones. When I quickly switched to Buttercup, I could hardly damage Shira at all. But still, it's an incredible game.

an ok game

keep new games coming = )


the comic rocks,and this game rocks. Nice work

This was a lot of fun

This game was quite a bit of fun, look forward to seeing more like this.

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Credits & Info

4.29 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2006
1:24 PM EST
Action - Fighting - VS
  • Frontpaged March 16, 2006
  • Review Crew Pick March 22, 2006
  • Daily Feature March 17, 2006
  • Weekly 3rd Place March 22, 2006