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Jeb City part 1

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Author Comments

This was my first animation to make it through the portal, and the first part of my epic Jeb City trilogy. Make sure to watch all three for some sweet Jebby-meets-Sin City action!

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Good interpretation

Well, despite the fact that we're swimming back through the mists of time here, this still rings true with the film "Sin City" and, while you've thrown in some obscure references, such as the quadriplegic llama. I think that this can get a little distracting, though it is quite funny in a sense.

The animation and the sound, I have no doubt has improved over the years, so I'll see that over the next few flash I watch of yours. I would have suggested that you spent more time getting the animation sorted, as it looked a little disjointed, when you had the bad guy run with baby, before he threw her off a cliff.

The sparing use of colour is brilliant, though I think you could have used more white in the background of these pieces, to set the scene a little closer to Miller's comics.

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Battosai810 responds:

I thought for a while of remaking these cartoons with the techniques you'll see in my later animations, but that's nothing on my priority list.

I do wish I did a bit more with the whites, as the balance is all black. I would also love to have the really angular art style that Miller used in some of Sin City, and the cool camera angles. If I had enough time, there's about a million different ways I'd love to tell this silly story. Glad you enjoyed the cartoon for what it is though.

Kinda short.

What you had wasn't too bad, but there wasn't a great deal going on and I felt that it needed to be longer. I can see it was split into multiple parts and while it may be too early for me to say this (I haven't watched the other parts yet) I think it would have been better as one flash. That way the shortness issue would have been avoided. I was a bit confused by the plot as well, so I'm hoping things will be made clearer in the later parts. I'm assuming this would have made more sense if I had seen Sin City.

The quality of the voice wasn't great, which at times was a little annoying. Only really at the start though, so perhaps it just took some getting used to. The animation was also pretty choppy and during the bed scene a red line was visible on the right and top of the frame. I'm probably not telling you anything you don't already know though as four years on you've improved considerably.

Battosai810 responds:

I'm glad you've noticed that this is an old cartoon! Some people don't :(

Making all these into one cartoon would have been a bit much for me as a complete novice to Flash. The good thing is that they do get steadily better as the series goes on, but obviously they're all rather short. This Flash would make a bit more sense if you'd seen Sin City, but it's not a direct parody. It's just using similar themes and hamhandedly aping it's visual style. Glad you enjoyed this for what it is though!


wow i think ive seen most of your videos and i can say eith certanty that you are a gifted maker,cartoonist,person....anyway keep up the good work!!!

Battosai810 responds:

Thanks! This is my first flash to ever pass here on Newgrounds, and still has a place in this jaded heart of mine.
Thanks for watching an almost 3 year old cartoon!


Yay I luvs Sin City and this was the awesome!

Battosai810 responds:

yeah, first toon to pass judgement!
oh how long ago this was... closing on what, 2 years? 3?
8 frame per second animation... hot damn that's chintzy
glad you liked it!

Wish I'd seen more of Sin City...

Time stood still like a quadraplegic llama... just precious!

Credits & Info

3.61 / 5.00

Mar 15, 2006
10:32 PM EST