CU-St. Paddy's Special

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It's St. Patrick's Day! You know what that means...booze, of course.
But Mike doesn't feel like drinking today- So he gets a visit from none other than Studystilskin!


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I love how you got these cartoons for every holiday. It was St. Patrick's Day recently. I really do like the animation. I wish this series would come back. My favorite was the shotgun joke. Okay, it was kind of predictable, but still great.

Yeah, I remember that leprechaun. Was it kind of like "It's A Wonderful Life"? Hey, he got drunk enough already. I never watched "The Facts Of Life". I almost never drink.


man i fucking hate that leprechaun!!!


Apparently, you don't know how to shotgun a beer.


I love that blarny! was he in other episodes?

Ahaha! this is great.

Man, that damn leprechaun pissed on my face too. great one.