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You can play the updated version with the Stranglethorn Fever expansion here: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/574187

I've always wanted to play a Murloc on World of Warcraft, but I knew that wasn't going to happen... So I created my own game! I've been secretly developing an RPG engine for months, which includes:

20 Talents,
50+ Items,
Lots of enemies to battle,
Lots of areas to explore,
And a fully developed storyline!

Over 1 hour of gameplay, this is a full RPG developed on Flash. If you're not into RPGs, please consider the work put into this game when you vote. WARNING: You must have Flash Player 8!

*NOTE: Most people think the game froze when you get the message "Yes I'm ready, Give me a few minutes" The game did NOT freeze. Kagle is asking you if you're ready. You should click on either "Yes, I'm ready" or "Give me a few minutes."

Controls (available in-game):
A and D or Arrows to move Left and Right
Hold Control to run.
Use Spacebar to interact.

15/03/2006 - Fixed minor bug regarding the hidden challenge.
16/03/2006 - Fixed another minor bug regarding the hidden challenge! (silly typos)



Another Murloc lover! *sniffle* A kindred spirit!

Love it :)

un-mediocre responds:

*tear* I know how you feel :) Thanks for the comments :D

i love teh murlox

nothing else to say

Awesome game!

This game was great! I only have a few things I would like to ask.

1. Do you plan on making a way to reduce your level if it reached 11? Or maybe some way to fight while at level 11? Because I don't want to be stuck with a completely useless save game.

2. Can you make it possible to go back to the murlok camp if you were sent to the secret challenge place (if I am correct in assuming that sirath is the secret challenge) against your own will or if you already beat the secret challenge?

3. Will you make a new game plus like in Crono Trigger, where you can restart the game with the same stats as when you ended, after you beat the secret challenge? I think that would be fun, considering that, unless it is incredible coincidence, most monsters scale to your level, and therefore, you can never become insanely stronger than your opponent.

Also, like other reviewers said, the sound gets repetetive. Perhaps a choice of music would be nice.

(hint: to defeat the mage, Fagnir, I think his name is, Get cold blood and heroic strike, and (not needed, but it might help) charge (if you get charge, also get the skill that gives you +20 max energy), and buy as many magic dusts as possible (don't worry about buying too many, you can sell the excess for as much as you bought it for). Use charge on your first turn (optional) then use cold blood + heroic strike twice, use magic dust, then cold blood + heroic strike twice again, magic dust... until you kill him. If you're strong enough, it should take out over 200 hp per round (which means two cold blooded heroic strikes). He should die.)

un-mediocre responds:

Well the game has to end somewhere, if you want to test out your weapon you can reload the game and redo the challenge! Thanks for the comments :D

..........please dont torture me

all I can say is...........WHY IN THE WORLD HAVEN'T YOU MADE A SEQUEL YET!?


This game is -fantastic-, i've completed it, although your website - www.gamerdisclaimer.com doesn't work. I really want to try out the version 1.2.

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Mar 15, 2006
6:21 PM EST
Adventure - RPG
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