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This was the brainchild of hours of gaming, the script was written mostly in math class, enjoy.
P.S. Gordon does not talk in HL, so he does not talk in the toon.



Hey this is Deanna! That freaky Asian chich that always ask for your NG name! Lol. Your lucky I like video games enough to watch G4 all day because if I didn't I would probably give ya a pity score. Lol it had its funny moments. Who/What did you use for VA?

Jake-Gaudet responds:

Sup Deanna,

First of all the VA was all me, second I'm glad to Personally know a girl that is into flash.


Jake Gaudet

Reviewed by Mysterious viewer (N.S.)

This was the best flash I have ever seen anyone that I personally know do. And I thought that it was rockin' and that the part with the fu-man-chu and the other stuff was hilarious. Keep on writting and remeber: I am helped with the next one! Awsome job.
- N.S. (Assassin)

Jake-Gaudet responds:


U R t3h H@X0r

James terry gaudet II

rolf, man, rolf

Jake, this is paul, and i just watched your cartoon and i thought it was absolutely hilarious! The use of Gordon Freeman was a little limited, but the part with the rock and halo 3 was great (not to mention the awesome mortal kombat scene. Pick out a few minor things (such as some sound repetetion) and it'd be perfect. However, i can't really blame you, with school and all getting in the way of time. Well, all in all, this was a really funny breath of fresh air for me. great job!

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Jake-Gaudet responds:

Thank you paul

Keep on trucking

James Terry Gaudet II

Dude it was awesome especialley cause I know you

Hmm some of the graphis such as the fumanchu getting burned and the rock thing were pretty bad, but I think that overall it was better than a lot of the stuff Tom lets on. Oh I told a lot of people about it. We really oght to work together with some people on something. I've still got the lotr gansta rap and also I finished a script for the ultimate showdown: Mortal Kombat versus Pokemon. E-mail me please @ keagan122@aol

Jake-Gaudet responds:

Thanks Dylan

James Terry Gaudet II

pretty good job

ok jake, this is daniel from school. So after asking you for quite some time (as you can atest to) about how this was going i finallly got around to seeing it. Pretty good job i thought. The voices quality could have been slightly better. Oh and i feel robbed that Andrew got mentioned in the credits but not me :(


Jake-Gaudet responds:


Will resubmit with your name in credits.thank you for putting on favorites.

You're friend

James Terry Gaudet II

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2.88 / 5.00

Mar 15, 2006
6:05 PM EST
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