O Pato

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Thanks to all those who enjoyed it!

Anyway, first thing I must say is, I'm not Brazilian - I'm Puerto Rican. The story behind my decision to base this off of João Gilberto's song, besides his music being so cool, goes like this:

Long ago, in a fast food joint in Puerto Rico, a lovely young woman I had recently met started singing a song apparently out of nowhere. The song was "O Pato" by João Gilberto which was playing from the restaurant's speakers (but not audible to me). Eventually, it sort of became our song.

This is the music video I always told my friend I could imagine while listening to the song. It is not a literal representation, so if you do not understand portuguese (neither do I), it doesn't matter. It was a birthday present for someone who, despite the everlasting distance & time, has remained one of my dearest friends (she appears at the end).

For those curious about the lyrics, here's a translation (special thanks to my friend Nina for the translation):

The duck came singing very happy, quack quack
When the smily goose asked
If she could enter the samba,
the samba, the samba
The goose (another type, it's a third character in the story) liked the couple
and also said, quack, quack
Looked at the swan and told him: "come, come"
As the quartet would be well,
very good, very well
On the side of the lake, they went to practice
To start the " tico tico no fuba" (it's just an expression that literally means to put the fingers in the cake, but is used primarily as a sexual activity, secondarily as the doing of something wrong. Also note that the expression "afundar o ganso" or to drown the goose means to have sex) The duck's voice was really awful
The scene with the goose was a mess
But I liked the end when they fell in the water
While practicing their quack quack quack

And finally, here's a link to a Wikipedia profile on João Gilberto: http://en.wikipedia.org/


I love it and it's number one on my faves

I have to agree with the person before me. This is very much a jewel.

and the fact that you had a song by Joao G made it even more awesome.

here's hoping for more.

Ridiculously adorable

I don't know why, but this made me all happy and warm and fuzzy inside, especially the lil tail wiggle. <3 Adorable!


That was so sweet. I loved it when the duck soared into the air...perfect timing with the music. I think the drawing of the girl was just right for this piece....especially when she reaches out to grab the ducks (your) hand. And of course you couldnt have chosen a better song...or rather I guess the song chose you as you noted in the intro that you kept thinking about it. Mr. Gilberto can do that to you. How about a flash for Astud Gilberto's version of Corcovado....pleese?


i love this submission so damn much

Muy Buenisima!

Wonderful job, friend! This one of the best made flashes I've seen in a LONG time, including that "littleFoot" stuff. Your duck was so cute, and he synced so well with the music, which was also wonderful.

My only comment was that your caricature of the female at the end was a little vague and poorly made. It fit the theme, but surely a love object should be some vision of loveliness rather than a vague outline of a person.

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