DOOM: Fight for a Stereo

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A short little cartoon about "DOOM characters" fighting over the use of a stereo and in the end, everybody dies... Enjoy, and if anybody cares, the guy in black is a character I am made for a DOOM mod.


eh... 6.8

i liked it. short but funny.

Funny as mess

Nice flash well worth the time keep these coming.

kicked ass

ikno ur never gona read this but i liked this. make MORE, plz. DOOM is awesome. ur flash is awesome. well itd be nice 4 u 2 respond.

PsychoMantis093435 responds:

I intend on making more, even if it is a while before I get the ambition... And thanks for the feedback

Not Bad

I liked it, being a DOOM fan. The art wasn't the greatest, and it was pretty predictable, but I enjoyed wasting about 2 minutes of my life watching it. And what the hell is ARCHDUKE CHOCULA'S problem, anyway? If you don't understand the plot, you really need to take an IQ test, if just to figure out how far under -977 it is. And what kind of a name is ARCHDUKE CHOCULA, anyway? And PSYCHOMANTIS093435 is gay? OMG, you are a (Understatement coming!) complete and utter moron.

PsychoMantis093435 responds:

If I remember properly, ARCHDUKE CHOCULA was a rather unamusing joke from FUTURAMA... And I'm glad to see that others can see his ignorance. Thanks for the review


it was good and was this ment to be a doom thing cause i understand the characters are ment to be from doom but the place they were in was from duke nukem if you fixed that problem you would have a verey good flash

PsychoMantis093435 responds:

Correct... It is Duke 3d... I would have used Doom backgrounds, but they're outdated and boring looking... And I couldn't use real life backgrounds, because the characters wouldn't fit... So I settled for the in between Duke3d setting.

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3.01 / 5.00

Mar 15, 2006
3:30 PM EST
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