Unlikely Super Heros 1

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Some of the super heros in comic books really make me wonder. Where do they get these ideas from anyhow? Maybe all the good super hero ideas have been used up? ... But maybe not.

This is the first in what will probably become a long series.




... this could have been so much edgier. the art in itself is cute, but it doesn't work when you're driving for satire. it reminds me of the old computer animated shorts on Sesame Street, when it shouldn't.

Seawana responds:

Hm. I'm not sure I understand why this doesn't work for satire? I don't think it matters what the art is like since anything can be used satirically.

Next time please offer some suggesions of how you might have done things. Everyone could use more ideas ... including me.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

That was really dumb

I fail to see the humor here. I mean what person, let alone a superhero would lose that much blood from a tack?

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Seawana responds:

Um ... he's High Blood Pressure Man? Earth to Kit-Cat.

The point is that super heros have strange super powers. How many ordinary people do you know who can fly or have super strength? I would guess very few. HBPM happens to have super high blood pressure. It's his almost useless super power, thus he is an ... (work with me here) unlikely super hero.


I'm sorry you didn't get this one. Check out #2 when it's done.

this was kinda dumb

This was kinda stupid. Next time do something alot more funny like have him explode.

*big chuckles*

I don't see what shadow strife had against this, it is supposed to be cheesy, just like the unlikely superhero it portrayes. if it was top of the line stuff people would think the artist insane for wasting it on such a dumb character. sorry if I at all sound insulting, that is not my intent. funny stuff, hope to see more unlikely superheros :)

what the fuck!

dont watch. if do than die!

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Aug 31, 2001
11:38 PM EDT
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