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Gladicus-ZERO arenaCombat

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WARNING : This could cause Seizures because of intense screen shaking and flashing lights , so if you have epilepsy or any other seizure triggering illnesses avoid this game , but if you decide to play it , it is at your own risk you were warned

What would happen if I combine Fear unlimited's combat engine with Element Saga's weaponry engine and added robots
introducing Gladicus ZERO , A killer robot designed to wield weapons of mass destruction and hularity

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Nice game..

Glitches over glitches,
come on... It don't make fun, if you can stop the time while attacking...

Best game ever



This game is great.. but i hate the glitches.. )X

The hit area gets larger and larger till it occupies the whole screen.. Then the Homing mine doesn't work until something is achieved.. I can't figure out what causes it to start tracking down the enemy. The health for the enemy are unpredictable. I think you should include a health bar for the bad guys. and a loading progress bar. :D

Good job tho!
Its addictive.. :3

Good, but

there are so many glitches! i mean, you should call it gladicus- glitch, you would get a 10 if this problem wouldn't be there

One of your best

This is one of my favorite submissions of yours, because it is fairly easy to understand. You have a lot of crazy stuff going on in your games, but this is just a straight out game where you destroy everything. The designs in this are simply flawless. I prefer this over the "Element Saga" series, as this manages to be less cartoonish. While I do not understand the point, it is the action that you make yourself that really makes the trip worthwhile. I also enjoyed the pretty epic music too.