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SalPi - Pi and Pie

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Hey dudes, this is the first helf decent Pi movie... featuring my crappy impersonation of weebl (i love you man!)

WOO!! It passed! This is a landmark in the Pi society!

Thank you all.


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An interesting concept. :P Not as good as the original series its based upon, but it's a nice idea. Just use less clear colors, simple scenery and more layers. Keep workin on it!


Hmmm...another group?

^^Good Points^^
Pretty good graphics, not your best work, but still very smooth animations. The voices were pretty well done, even weebl, and the things SalPi said was quite funny. I wouldn't mind seeing more Pi movies, as long as they don't get stupid.

^^Needs Improving^^
Backgrounds could use some more detail and shading. Now, it looks quite bland. Having weebl in the movie was a little random, and the length was kind of short. All in all, the entire storyline was a tad strange, but still not a bad movie.

That was quite good!

I really liked that submission! Graphics were definitely weak, but they were still decent. The style was excellent, the sound was excellent, and the humor was perfect! Overall: 10/10

BTW: It's nice to see some Pi Day (3/14) submissions! I am also glad that you uploaded it at 3:25 PM, since that is 15:25 military time. Therefore, with the date and time, you have the first 5 digits of pi - 3.1415 (Obviously, I really like math - just look at my user name. :) )

SalPi responds:

omg dude... i didnt realise that about the time ^_^

you own.

Hey that was half way decent

That was prety good. the animation could be better and it wasnt the most origonal thing ive ever seen! Other than that nice job. I love the randome funny keep up the good work.


Hehehe. It's not exactly an original concept, but I like it.

I think we all love Weebl really, but some of us are just closet lovers, that's all. :P

Anywho, it deserves a decent score, mostly for the sheer random funnyness. XD

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2006
3:25 PM EST