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The AP: Highlights

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A brief (and not horribly well done) flash about what you people who haven't visited the AP missed out on.

The music I have taken have thei links on the side, but there is also many more artists then just them. If you like what you heard in this flash, check out the AP!


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Too damn right

That´s awesome.
I don´t know if you choosed the best music in the audio portal, though.

Graphics weren´t directly inviting the AP, and yoou could need a link to the Audio Portal in the whole flash too.

But I will fifen you for the motive!

I Like it

I like it and the music you choose was awsome!

Better gfx would help reel folk in

+++ I liked the use of white brushstrokes on a white bg early on (though you should maybe try using the mask tool).

+++ Liked the basic concept.

--- The transitions between audio segments took too long - I don't think there should have been as much silence as there was.

--- I also felt the visuals were a bit static and there wasn't enough visual interest basically. Specially at the end, where it was just the NG bg scaled.

Cool idea. Better gfx would help reel folk in though.

Nice job

A great idea for a flash, you really did well with this. Overly satisfying...but the animation was kind of choppy, does that mean there's not as many frames or something? IDK, I'm no flash artist.

Great job here.


u wasted -API-'s PoE, there's lot's noise there,
u should not just caring on the size
How come only the PoE is turned in to that shape?

PERVOK responds:

First off, that isn't -API-'s PoE. The oringal is by B0UNC3, and thats where I got it from.

And the reason why its such lo quality, is probably because it is sampled at a low khz rate.