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Cactus game

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The funniest most original flash on newgrounds! And yet no one seems to care...

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What got me hooked on cactus


The best most original game in the history of forever. This is what started me loving cactus. So much interactivity. You have complete control of this cactuses life and what he should do. The humor is definantly awsome too. I can barely remember any times I wasnt laughing out loud.


BAd graphics. One line with yellow under it and blue on top of it isnt what I call good graphics. Also some of the pictures you just found on google.


Better graphics. Everything else is great.

Randomness! :D

Its a pretty good game, full of random humor and a retarded cactus with a gun- whod've thought that peacefull,kind, loving, snake shooting cactus would have parents who hated him? poor cactus.


^^Good Points^^
This is no doubt one of the most original works of Flash on this website, and it's pretty darn good too. I got many laughs out of this, almost every time I clicked the wrong button in fact. The game was a good length, and it is pretty obvious that you spent some time making this humorous and fun to play. You suceed, good job.

^^Needs Improving^^
The sound effects were really quite annoying, especially the sound effects when everyone get's shot. You could have stood to use some variety in your sound effects.

i love it!

i love this! i love all youre cactus work
infact a come back and give it 5 evry day!
i cant wait for a day with a catus 2!
it and this game are soooooooooo funny!

kingofthecactus responds:

I was suprised so much people liked the cactus when it was submitted. I'll be sure to make mutiple cactus movies! Part 2 is on it's way soon.


This one makes me laugh...

Credits & Info

3.45 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2006
6:32 PM EST