The NG e-Penis Calculator

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Ever wondered how your e-Penis measures up against other NG users? Me neither, but NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO FIND OUT!

Features an appearance from a hero of Newgrounds mythology

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-190516.995 inches


eh, autofill dosn't work for me and im to lazy to type it all out

4669.42 miles long uhhhhhhhh
add 666 to everything except for the date you put 6/6/6 and for bans put -666 then for the mod admin and other tab select yes (damn that is a long penis)

According to the -poxpower- formula, my e-cock is 2235.17 inches (5677.331 cm).

According to Samurai_Crisp's equation, it is 42947431 inches (109086474.74 cm)
= 3578952 feet (1090864 m)
= 677.83 miles (1090.86 km).

1337 inches, I deem that correct. Psst guys put in -666 in bans and you'll get that...