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This is a collection of 8 total quizes divided into 2 categories educational and programming. When you complete a quiz you recieve a letter/s which then you can go to goodies and type the password after you complete a category. I advise you if you hate quizes do not play this game! In total there are 80 questions you must answer them all to get all secrets.



loads of buttons didnt work and

yay i win


Q5 in History is broken, the [Click Me] button doesn't do anything so you have to guess the correct answer. Q10 in History if you press the [Click Me] button you get stuck because the Back button doesn't work. Q8 in Science you need to click the correct answer twice to move on to the next question. Q10 in Science, if you click the button to view the cartoon it shows you the cartoon from Q9 and takes you back to Q9 when you press back. Q7 and Q8 in People, technically they are Both Co-Founders of Google so maybe you should make both answers correct for Q7. In Places Q7, if you're going to use a Holocaust question at least use correct grammar. Q10 Places, why Waterloo for most decisive battle? How about Trafalgar which is considered THE decisive battle of the Napoleonic Wars. Q7 HTML, if you press [Click Me] the page you go to has no back button on it. Q7 in PHP, the [Click Me] doesn't work. The "Take Quiz" button for the Flash Quiz doesn't work. In the Goodies Section, Joke 4 and 5 are the same joke. It would have been nice had the loops in the Goodies section been other choices for music instead of getting the as a reward. If you turn the music off and get a question wrong the music will restart.

boring quiz

looked pretty plain and dull. plus I couldn't press the button to try the quiz 'Flash'. also when i chose 'people' and got an incorrect answer in the beginning, it brought me back to the menu. hmm, doesn't everyone have mistakes and should have a mark instead of trying to be perfect on all the answers? would have been better to go to the next question instead of bringing back to menu to start over.


Some of the buttons didn't work so this will probably get blammed.

Pretty lame quiz..

It seems like you have a lot of free time. Don't you?

To make these kind of quizes, you have to have some REAL knowledge about the topics. As a start, you can cheat the game pressing right click > Forward. It will take you to the next question.

A Good ActionScripter knows that a game like this can be cheated and protects it with a simple ActionScript to disable the right click.

But you didn't use it.

This shows your lack of real knowledge. You must've copied and pasted the answers (And even the whole quizes) from other place and/or from other people.

Next time, try to make something original.

Plus, the music is good, but after hear it 10 times, it becomes annoying as hell. Your 'on/off music' button has tons of bugs.

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2.48 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2006
7:10 PM EST
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