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quick fight reloaded

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k, my second flash ever (yeah, I´m a noob!!!!) and my second submission here at ng. (first one didn´t passed judgment)I followed some of your advices : Improved the graphics a lil bit (with photoshop & 3ds max) & also improved the audio quality a bit. Oh yeah, also added some more action & a plot, lol. Hope you like it better this time and please leave comments for this noob, like you did at my first one. ty :)

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get a graphics tablet

to be fair, that was fuckin awful. i appriciate that ur massivly limited by a mouse, but instead of just submittin sum mess uv made, get a wacom , spend longer makin it, and watch the good films on this site. if u wer to watch sumfin like xombie, rebecca, salad fingers etc, ud know the standard and not stop til u honestly felt ud achieved it in sum capacity. try harder.

Alec05 responds:

this was my last attempt to draw by mouse. Graphics are just not good enough. But I worked my butt an entire week and I´m happy the way it went, being a noob. Now I may be a noob creating flash, but I´ve always enjoyed watching great flahses. Like Vinnie Veritas or Luis Castanon. Also newgrounds here , but come on, you guys get a lot of crap, I mean REAL crap. (can you say Tommy Pickles?)


have u ever tried getting use to drawing and flash mx before showing this video to the people all around the world to humiliate ur self? might be better to wait until u're greater at art and then show to the world that everyone will go 'wooooOOOOOoooow' and adore u. it needs alooot of improvement. the fighting weren't that great. it looked like they were just soaring in mid air. also where did this person come from taking photos of the people fighting??

Alec05 responds:

I know I need a lot of improvement and than my mouse-drawing sucks. But this was a school project and I´m a flash noob. Thats why I decided to submit it on newgrounds, to get some feedback from the pros. I really don´t feel like I´ve humiliated myself because I´m a noob. My flash skills suck, yes. But I´m proud of passing judgment. Means I´m on a good way. About the person taking photos, there is not supposed to be any person taking any photos, I just used a "photo camera" effect to show the action.


Learn to draw, try using a scanner and don't use corny graphics, like pictures of google images. the concept was okay, but there was no explaination on hoe things escelated into random massaceres and fights. Learn to incorporate at least semi decent storylines and grsphics and you'll have a killer flash.

Alec05 responds:

yeah, I actually draw way beter than that. lol But with flash I learned an important lesson: Drawing with the mouse is NOT EASY!!! I´ll try hand drawing and then scan next time. but maybe I need a storyboard next time. Thanks for the comments :)

Ok...but needs alot of improvement

The graphics were ok, but overall...this animation needs alot of improvement.

Alec05 responds:

yes, I know I need A LOT of imrpovement. I´m still a n00b. but I like the way it went for my second flash ever :) TY

Yes, thats ok.

I enjoyed watching that.

One piece of advice, if you going to hand draw your characters, using computer generated or real backgrounds, aren't a great idea as the two clash. try to used hand drawn, or backgrounds with a similar style to you characters should help.

Alec05 responds:

well dunno. I wanted to try something different, thats why I tried the 2d ,3d combination. I think they mix pretty well. TY :)

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2.92 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2006
6:18 PM EST