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Pixelated: Ep. 2

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Happy St. Patty's Day!

Episode 2: The Irish, and their bad reputation.

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damn he killed that baby

He has a bad influence on MacDougle xD

nice work, everybody loves macDougle, and u did a good job on this flash, the beard of macDougle looked kinda fake, but that's all


hahaha, great, although i think the main charecters are right, i mean im 75% irish and pple always laugh and tell irish jokes when someone brings it up

"that's our McDougal"

lol, great little flashes. Very simple and easy to make, yet entertaining. good job

went into it, but the

----- Really - it started to drag at points. So much of the b+w section was predictable and I was quite disappointed when what I originally imagined would be a quick flashback turned into the whole episode.

--- The drawn mouths and pixellated bodies/heads/eyes/nose don't go too well in my opinion.

++ The end 'Oh, I can't stay mad at you' made me smile.

+++ Voices are all clear and fairly well acted.

Kinda dull. Obviously a lot of effort went into it, but the humour's just not to my tastes.

AlexTraynor responds:

Thanks for watching the whole thing and not being a dick in your review.