FF:Remix 3 (Advent Begin)

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FF:Remix continue to part 3.What will become of Kein,find out on this movie and hope you like it.


Go to school!!

This was awful.
Ugly speech bubbles.. Bad sprite work... it appears you used a tile texture from Paint Shop Pro for the town's ground (And did a shitty job on it) Um, I guess you were using Dali from FFIX... but it didnt look like it.. and what are those shitty characters? I watched until the battle thing and just shut it off. This is crap. Your grammer and spelling is crap. Did you even watch this thing when you were "done" making it? Dont YOU see those errors? I gave you a 1 for interactivity because I had to click the damn speech bubbles that are made of shit, and I really didnt want to at all. I also gave you a 1 for humor, but its only funny is a "you suck" kind of way. Blamming, definitely.


Yeah... You need to work on grammer and the overall speed of the movie. Didn't really like needing to click the talk bubbles.

im only mad about this

if your gonna make a person from a game a different name, atleast change his apperence, that was Setzer, not "kain"

Holy Sword is kick-ass!

I'm not a big fan of sprites or ripped music, so you got some low marks there. However the D Knights thing was just awesome. Especially Holy Sword. Try to work on your English next time, though.


I love Final Fantasy so I give you 5!!!

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2.76 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2006
6:14 AM EST
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