Armor Heroes

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Pick from the Ten Heroes, each with there own Special as they tackle wave after wave of enemies, and discover the best combos to do it with! This is by far my best game so far and I realy hope you agree, have fun playing it, if you do that, I've succeded! P.S. Some enemies attack from behind and others apear in waves, so unless "GO" flashes on your screen, theres killing to be had!

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Really awesome game! Good job!

nice dance moves
hold A to comboopooooooooo
why am skel

When I first saw this, I thought it would be a fighting game. This does work pretty well, though. From the title, I thought you would be able to choose from different characters from previous games. I wish. That would be an awesome idea for a new game! You guys have worked on so many it seems only natural.

I think the graphics and designs are pretty good. It does get fairly repetitive, though. You could have different backgrounds and enemies. It seems like I say that a lot in reviews. Of course, with literally thousands, it only fits I'd repeat some things.

Kewl beans.

It was very, very repetitive but i like the options and i guess the bad guys were all right.

its ok

start of the game was fun but pretty much the same background and enemy whole way through