Whack a Hoe!

March 10, 2006 –
January 2, 2017
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How many hoes can you bitchslap in one minute? Play to find out fool!
This was a game I was supposed to do with SuperBokey a looong time ago, but was dropped. I later revived it, and got meh buddy Puzz to draw the art, and after two weeks, this is what we got! Thanks to Stephanovich for voice acting!



someone should really play this game in real life

i hate alot of hoes, it's nice to whack one, but it could have been a brawl type of fighting games, and sometimes,all hoes deserved to be whacked, especially the ugly ass ones

It was a fun little diversion with no other purpose, but to see how many points you can get. Not much to it, but then again there really does not need to be. At least this one had some power ups and I liked the animation.

There really is not any thing bad to say about this game, because what it was made for, but then again games like these are a dime a dozen here... My question is... was that a man hoe with the purple hair and it's shirt unbuttoned? Had no boobs... anyway, fun diversion for a couple of quick plays.

But them chicks is ugly.A real pimp wouldn't make no money from girls looking like that.


make some more but with medals dawg

Its a bit mean to the hoes...but it waz pretty fun...well made man 5/10


It's kind o funny, but dis dang need more stuf you knoz what i sayin and the pimp master needs to have so moe speed..... Dawg

When i play this game,I put all my ho's in check.

this is a good game but i think that thay could have put more stuff in it to make it better it get old rely fast

I like smacking hoes they need to be taught a lesson but they could of made an even better game had they made it longer

This is Awesome!!!!!!

Especially when he does Alabama saying "What?!? Oh no you didn't." And I, whom you may already be aware of as RhydonStalfos, seem to agree with BigEvil13. It is playable and it is bad ass. STFU, foo! RhydonStalfos says "good game, but don't get beat up any cops and look out for powleace cars and shopping carts. KTHX, sayanora!

Easy to get the hang of, easy controls and somewhat of a challenge.

I really like this game, when I'am stressed out I can't legal slap somebody.

L.A is actuly kinda like that

It's pretty funny, and fun, quality is good and
character design is awesome.
Great idea for a game too, "whack a hoe", lol...
Awesome job, I liked it.

where my money hoe

Smack dem hoes! Dey needz some respec' train'n!

wow...this makes me wanna eat shit....

lol if pimping was like that id be out there with a dress jacket on and a pair of nice pants only with fake ass bling lol a dude could dream right. by the way good game took me 2nd try to get thru without dying

oppps i think i smacked a cop great game ....

IMA A SUPA PIMP ;) lol good job

funny game man, nice job dude and he music is OFF THE FARIZZLE MA NIZZLE!!!1

Sweet game... although I couldn't leave my score...

gotta keep that pimp hand strong also gotta keep them hoes on track cool game also very disturdeb in a way but only cuz the guy looks like a crazy guy and the girls look like men and the one girl i am preety shore was a guy thats itt good game just improve them hoes give them an upgrade

It's a good game..
I think the fact that he moves slower than other characters on other games. Makes it more interestng.
Graphics 4/5
sound 4/5
gameplay 4/5
Nice and simple controls which is always good :)

just hilarious!!...
only wished
the game would be longer with more places
to whack hoes
and more hoes to whack!
great game!!..

Hoesmack-a-thon yea dat's why i picked this game.


You move to slow to be entertaining and dats not how u spell ho

beat this score:90876
and i give this game a ten cos i lurve da slang!
dont be disrespectin me hoe!lol

Lol love the slang

its funnie as fuck but shit u shuld make part 2 where u kan get laid of sumtin lol love da use of slang in it 2 and idk if its just my pc but wen i submit score newgrounds says url not found ;(

Great. Total Win.

good game

i liked it great game

just not that fun nice try though

Its funny the first 10 second but after its boring. I put 6 for the work.

I love games like these. All be it a short game, I enjoyed every second of it.

it is okay

its fuckin awseme!! kind of...

music was tight...

Sort of entertaining, but the time limit was too short. I liked the music. It reminds me of GTASA.

Ok,got boring after awhile.

for it gets boring but it's funny

i give you a 7 out of ten for music quality and the entertainment of smacking some hoes

Game's okay.That is all

I like the music going in the back ground.
Was a short period of fun..
Just needs some adjustments
Intro is pretty fucking funny too.

Awkward trying to hit the girls, lol. plus you needa move faster, with only a minute to play.. and change the cop somehow, he's not gonna wait till you smack him to grab you! fun for a few min tho. :)

I play this game when ever Im mad at my wife and tell her I wan't to pimp smack her like this guy in the video game !!! LOL !!! LOVE'D it !!!!!

Guess what put in as my name?
type here.

sick and funny stuff good work kidd

It's Nice, BUT I GOT HIT BY A CARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!! lol!!

this is one of the hotest games of wacking a hoes

Gets boring quickly. Add a bit more to it...

scratch that, alot more...make it an adventure game!


nice i really enjoyed playing this game

ehh.. hard, not so good, not many things to do.

Fun little gizmo to play with.
The hobos SPEED across the sidewalks, and the police cars will also hit you in the street. The policemen will zigzag across the streets.
Overall, not a bad little game to play for 5 or 10 minutes.

This was really hard. Good message, though!

HAHA this one was great, the pimp needs to be a little faster though. Good Job!

loved it but needs one thing the pimp needs to be faster the power up doent help

there should be a thing where you could have combos to whack the how and add like the pimp has a cane and where you could decide what colors the pimp can have but otherwise great job!

Awesome game. I loved the Music, that wuz California Love by 2Pac & Dr.Dre, but I didn't like it cuz it only had the music no lyrics. But still I love Tupac's stuff (I'm also tryin' to get All Eyez on Me but I don't no were to buy it). This is still kinda fun and funny at times. Even though it does get repetetive it still is pretty fun at first. But the improvement side of things would be updating the semi-blocky graphics a bit, you couldv'e done better. And the voice acting at the begining cutscene, you shouldv'e had better mic and voice quality on that too... it's not a big problem but it's just hard to ignore. Still this is a pretty worthwile game. It's one of the few Ghetto Flashes I have veiwed. And is pretty good for a first time if you have never played anything ghetto on NG.

AWSOME GAME!!! very well made..violence is only a 5 with the blood pile after a hobo or piggie car run's ya over. 60 secs is the rigth time limte not very short. it take skill's for a high score. i think a few days ago i got 31grand and some..hiting 2 hoes at a time gives u 10x's ur score..the music is GREAT!!!! nicely mix of songs in there, no matter what anyone says this is junk or bad, ill still say this is da best

very entertaining but the introduction is a bit long for my liking and the time limit is a bit short. other than that an amazing game. thanks.


It was cool, i got busted for smackin a cop tho, lol. The guy walks to slow tho, which kinda made it hard cuz i had to chase the hoes. The items on the floor and stuff, awesome idea. I got a random bonus. lol make another

thts amazin

I find this very funny, including the intro just came out of nowhere... Hilarious. You got mad respect...

this was a pretty weird idea but man was it fun maybe next you should put in a challenge mode next time and maybe a multiplayer
to see who can whack the most hoes.

im b think the pimp more levels power ups guns oly ideas levels but oly a pimp islap up people is very fun man

You will end up playing a round... and then finding something better to play.

True Story.

ive seen this on a different site... are you sure you made this game?

loved it....those hoes had it coming for looking so ugly

ps-use hotter hoes...

Opinion-Ok let's start,very good graphics & story line,
interesting game to kill time and cut some slack..............

How to improve-...However,u would be better to not have a time limit
and to slap as long as u can survive...& more
power-ups to helping in survival and people to whack,not just whack the same people over and over...

Overall-A great game,deserves a better score though.....


i hate folk who write long reviews

Now I understand that you think whacking "hos" is wrong, but chances are that you would like a game where the beat the crap out of someone else! You know... there is some similarity. There both games! I don't believe you should really judge a game due to your morals, unless it's so horribly bad and evil, that it happens to be on the front page. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, play the damn clixposing Cassandra game. It's not a fucking game, it's a fucking porno. The graphics of that were good, but that's about it.

Now this game here if I literally had nothing else to do except play this, I would. It's simple. The only way you get screwed over is either when the "Blast radius" is off, or your really really dumb. It's not neccesarily bad, it's just not good. Very constricting speed, and the audio could drive me insane...

Now if that review was mean or offensive, call me a dandy and kiss my ass good bye. I know I was a little harsh, but it's just my damn opinion. You'll know what I'm going to say in my review, once you see my score.

this is a great lil short fun game! and its freakin hallerous!

thats right yo,i'm da man so do'nt be dis-respectedin hoe!(SLaps a bitch right across da face)..........Oh now u're sorry????...lol,good game mac......hey,u disrespectein'me yo?........>Z

First before I install a review on this piece, I would like to state to the last reviewer... um... you are 13 years old. I don't think you're gonna be busting a whole lot of cap.

As for the game, pretty boring and uninspired really. Audio sucked, controls were too slow, and there was really no point to the game, except "slap some ho". Throw the ho, now thats a game!

Lol at the guy below me

Ur a fuckin wanna be dude ...

what kind of thug gangsta like u is doing on the web???

So back up homie befo i bust a cap in yo black ass...


Dude this game was fucking awesome keep up the work

Yeah, dat's what it do man. Whack a hoe, right across da face. Slap da bich so hard, her eyes start to water. Dat's wassup!!! Don't be disrespectin me!

this is the best flash game to me. dont play it if ur a hater!

that was cool just a little easy maybe you should work on that

it was k but i suggest u make it alittle intresting maybe harder levels every minute or somethin :D

really funny but it gets super boring after a while. Not a bad idea though. keep it up man.

its fun for a while then it gets boring lol good humor tho lol

awesome keep it up dude.

my score was 16125
smack 2 hos and get a 10 times bonus

keep up the good work... its pretty original.

Man this takes the cake

Well, it as really fun and decent. It will be better with blood come out of the ho's.


I loved it.
It was tight
and it helps pass time

This game is the funniest one I've played in a long time. Simply the intro at the startup screen will have you cracking up. Even though it's not a very good game if you're looking for violence, it's absolutely histarical. You've got to play this game if you're looking for a good laugh.

Hehehe! I love smacking hoes, however now i can put my talent into Online practice with this awsome game. All i can say is that after i started playing this game, the next time i slapped a hoe, i was 49% Better! I reccomend you play this game ASAP!

just the name PLAY ME me... great game wakn' them hoe's every wich way... fo' shizzle... i'm way to white to say that...

Not to bad. Coulda had some more time though. Was just getting warmed up on dem hoe's! Not much extra stuff droped and man, that cop car was pissing me off. Nice game GL on others. Put some more moves on it!

This wasnt da best game ive eva played

That made me even more bored then I was looking for games to play so I wouldnt be bored.

awsome but use better looking HOES

This game was awesome! I really liked this game alot. It was really funny and really good. The sound and the graphics where cool. Nice job on this flash game.

We need more of these and less of that sissy ass crap

This got boring fast but the concept was funny and i'll give it that much. The time given to rake up a good enough score was crap and the chance of getting a decent item spawn just p***** me off, i hate games that really on luck. Really to all you out there there is no skill required to play this, just spam the slap button and move towards the hoe.

Yeh it was a nice lil game nothing big but still quite good. And also, it is hoe not ho as the last reviewer called it :S:S.

Is the character a gardener or something?
Its "HO" not "HOE"
Hoe is a gardening tool...

I guess it was alright. But you might of wanted to put some more effort into it, the idea was good but the game play was a bit boring. Overall I think it was a good game. (I only said it was a good game because i don't ever have flash yet!)

not bad but i'd definitely suggest some work

This made laugh! Although, the instructions were more funny than the game itself. The controls are also a little bit "heavy2, but darn good. Good job dawg!

lol that was very strange.I mean, a guy that hits hookers is something that you say every day, but a game about that is just crazy :D. I don't know why, but it was funny :p

Very wierd kind of game i think :)

i think that there will be some people who´ll be offended by this but this game doesn´t have a future really : o
keep up the GOOD work : >

not the greatest ive seen though. keep up the good work

I will admitt I was addicted for a while cus someone does for a fact owe me money. But It really could have been longer. There was no real connect like a story could have gotten you a lot farther.

It should've been longer i think, like put a boss in it or something

I love the idea, but I don't think it should've been on Front Page for as long as it was.

Good choice on music, should've kept in the 2pac and dre vocals though.

i like this. "california love" gets pretty damn annoying after awhile, but otherwise its great. the problem i have is that i get busted constantly because i cant resist the urge to bitch-slap a cop. haha!

This is my first post D:. Ok, here's my "gangsta" talk.

'Dis game is tha shit. It busts alla otha ghetto games in the ass right hur. It's teh fo' shizzle, holla! Dis' my son!

This is a hella funny game.It desrves it's spot in the ghetto collection.

Keep it up dawg.

It was okay.

Graphics where good.

But meh. nothin special.

Its whack a hoe not whack a women. I like smacking whores. I wouldn't whack a girl though. If I was whacking actual women then maybe it'd be sexist, but they're hoes.

For tthe game, it wasn't that fun. But it made me laugh.

i've never had such a good time smacking hos. it's simple but i like simple. nice job pimp

I thought that it was good and I think that there should be a part 2 to this. By the way if anyone kowes who nickerbocker is kick his ass for me.

well normaly id say this was a peice of cr*p but i just had a break up a messy one too so i give this a seven and say its cool

was fun for about 2 minutes and got real boreing, but i liked the theme. anyone whineing about this being sexist and shit needs to get smacked the fuck up too. ill be hopeing for a sequel =D

I cant see why people would give low scores becuase this game is sexist. The game is called whack a hoe! you should leave your ideas about sexism before you even click on the game. Anyway the game was ok. It's better than alot of games here but nothing special.

kinda funny with the random things your character says, and the look on the pimp's face is so frikkin' hilarious, too - I suggest rag-doll physics next time.

Funny game. Also nice to see more black cops on the streets.

this game was kinda funny at first. but got boring really quickly

This is a fun game for a bit, especially given its blatant political "incorrectness". But it is also quite easy, making it boring to play for long. Graphics are pleasantly cartoony and sound is relatively scarce.

Arrest me? Aw com'on, that popo looka a like a ho.

As someone who protected it while it was still under judgement, I'm really glad this got protected.

my score is 40369 i liked the game

My score! 18465

Great game, quite addicting

you must be pimpen up in your hud...always remember though dont hate the playa hate the game...fo shizzle...

I like the game, but it was a bit too slow for my taste and aside from that, way too short. If it was longer, it get more points, but I hope a part two is made for this. nice job.

its too short though

great game it gets boring after a while but it is viciant so i cant stop playng it make more ways to kill a ho like kicks punches and the whack of course and weapons to get on the ground like pistols shotguns machine guns bats swords knifes bombs and some funyn things like ducks (example) and other funny things and more levels on other places great game

FUCKING AWESOME, lol i loved that game. it was gr8.

mayb a few more ways 2 beat the hoes, but thats all.


So many ho's, so little time. That was an awsome game! The little dude in the shopping cart got kind of annoying after a while though.

Pimp-O-Meter= 11/10

I only have to play games like these for a short while, I understand how it is and know its going to be a good game, Ill play more of it in the future when i possibly have time. Gangsta Fo Sho Fo sho, Lol

I didnt really see anything wrong with any of the topics, I would probably never give this good of a score ever, Except for Joanime, LegendaryFrog, Smiffy, Or rubberninjas works of arts. I see that you have a really good talent for drawing and i would like to see more of your work in the future. =]

Im proud to rate the Overall Score - 8.

Have a Great Time with your AWESOME ratings! (Mind the Noobs)

It's an awesome game, really fun! I bet noobs don't like it because they forget to change the quality.. pfff!

Make more, it's awesome! :)

This gets old after the intro movie, I thought it was just stupid and a copy of an old game consept (probably same scripts) only with a different story line and what not.

pretty good game :\ .. its original ill give it that lol, sure.. i would like it if there was a mode were u could have more time :\ so... yea.. 7/10

its not as bad as some people said but this is definatly not good it intretained me for like six seconds and it was worth it but its definatly not a ground breaking game

I'm not into the whole hip hop thing but i decide to give this one a try. it was fun. needs more sound though. kinda gets lame there. but i give you a pat on the back. :P

... I really liked this game. Simple, quick and funny too. Problem is it's too quick, it needs different playing modes. That's the only improvement I would make, or than that it's perfect.

Its quite fun, hell i didn't even kit a popo.lol. Nice job on it and hope you make more fun shit like it.

i thaught that this game was strange, yet addictive. keep up the addiction, and improve the strange

lol pretty coo game...i got ran over by a hobo tho.. :-P

This game is really good, man !
Don't listen to those retards who vote 0 cause they find it offending.
They're just lame and really PHAIL at humor.
Anyway, I really enjoyed it, keep 'em coming ;)

Wasn't amazing though, i got 40479!

but i tried to like it. but i didnt. i found it extremely boring. not to mention pointless. but i cant like this.

this was a piece man realy sucked.This is a terible game but kinda funny i guess.....nuttin that i wud wanna play more than 1 time but if i new it was this...i wudnt have played it the 1 time i did.....well w/e it ws alright i guess.....not somin to be excited about

Well,not exactly pimping but just slaping girl after girl and watching out for the police(or "popo") and the dreaded bum(what do bums do?). Anyway thats the game. That's it. Fun for..no not even a few seconds. It's just udder crap, looks moderatly decent (cept for one broud who looks like a dude)

Good graphics, simplem game but VERY STUPID!!! Average!

---Simple, very simple. A no brainer. I was hoping for it to be funner i was dissapointed. Trow in a story mode, that would be cool.And make the arcade mode WACKIER!Add some characters like 2Pac,Snoop Dogg,50 Cent,Dr.Dre, Vanilla Ice, Eminem, the Godfather,etc. :)



Okay, one minute timer and two & a half screens of playground, movement is River City Ransom style, & crappy at that. Enemies are easily avoided and does in no way bring any excitement to the game. Everything ingame is drawn choppily & is plain ugly. So we got a game with crappy movement/playground, no excitement & poor graphics. I could continue to point out various fails & flaws, but from this point out it would be like beating a dead horse.

No offense, of course. Just my honest opinion.

No Offence or anything but this is the weirdest game i've ever seen.

lets all make a game where its so fucking hard to chase an enemy because the speed is the same as me, and make it so the hit test or whatever is far away and you gotta get it 70% near! I bet we'll recieve front page for sure!!!

hahahahaaha that was funny...

This is funny Fo-shizzle! it was great but the qaulity was'nt that great.

that was sum' great ho slappin shit! the song was good, but the only bad thing was that graphics coulda bin wayyy better.

MAN!!! This shit is hilarious, lol this is like the time i did this once, except i was in hong kong and i was bitch slappin everyone

How the hell some people got such high scores boggles my mind... I could barely rack up 25k

The graphics were nice and unique... but atleast you could have " attractive " looking hoes yo
The style was nice, just not eye friendly in the looks department
The sound was killer Dre Cali for Ni Aye, the pimp voice was too generic
The violence is nice
Interactivity is good for a game, just it seems hard to rack up a REAL score
Humour is in the silly things pimp man says while layin' tha smack down!



Anyways, I want to make a list of things that you guys have no right to say when reviewing this flash, unless you're a moron.

- You don't have a right to call it racist. (Because I said so)
- No right to call it sexist. (Because I said so)
- Too lazy to make anymore. (Because i'm a lazy bastard)

Uhm.. *Goes to get more food, because he's a lazy wannabe fat bastard*

that was good

The graphics are not too good but its still sort of a fun game and I enjoyed it.

What can i say this is awsome.

This was A good laff

Well as you can see in my ratings, the graphics, sound and style were very simple, but what made me reward you with a 9 would be the humor. As you can see I scored it a 10 since I got quite a laught out of this flash game. Goodjob and keep up the goodwork.


Man Ithoughts this was pretty well made. the art, animation skills are great. The music couldnt have been any better. All in all game is very adicting..Great Job!

LOL this makes bitch slapping fun!

This is in response to the previous reviewer. They made their own fukin choice to sell their body for money. So if they dont want to get the shit beat out've em maybe they shouldnt be prostitutes? Just a suggestion. And no one is stuck what they're doing unless they are insane, which is why some homeless people will always be homeless. Everyone has a chioce but these bitches just like givin head. Nuff said

Technically, everything was good. Graphics, sound, interactivity. Well done there.

But this is obviously a game for immature boys. Who else would find the idea of smacking women funny? Especially since prostitutes are beaten by pimps all the time.

Mmmm...it was good, but it could have been better.
Wouldn't mind seeing the game with extra levels, different scenery and all that. It'd be good as a mini game centered around Pimps (you know like the mini games in Sim dates and things like that)

I got angry with not being able to move at a normal pace, and didn't get any bonus for knocking two ho's down at once...I should have gotten a bonus for that...cos I'm cool n'stuff.

Basically, it's not a bad premise, just hope the next time you make this game it's better.

there needs to be a game to smack them ho's up like they need be done all the time lol

The game was funny because i have always wanted to whack a hoe rofl

The Graphics and sound were both ok, and you're going to fix the speed of the character. I like this submission. You weren't going for an emmy or anything, so I'm pretty sure that most of the people that claim to hate this because it's not a good game are really mad about the way you depict women. Is it bad? Yes. Is it bad for society? Likely. Am I offended? No. And no one else should be. I'm not because I chose to view this site. Everyone who played this game chose to. Your critics are acting as if you revealed [your flash submission] during the halftime of the Super Bowl with thousands of kids watching! So to any of you offended by this submission, I would like to offer humble advice, and please don't think I'm trying to tell you what to do... But if "WHACK A HOE" sounds like something that might offend you... then don't play it, don't vote on it, and please, don't reveiw it based on it's quality.

its allright for a quick laugh, but dosnt last long

I love it, very original addictive funny and has hoes

Keep it up

the graphics we`re pretty good, the sound was a bit muffled but it fit in with the feel of the game, the only problem i had with the game was it was inaccurate. the "hoes" moved alot quicker then you did and when you go to slap them its pretty hard to aim correctly. by the time you get next to one and go to slap them, they`ve already moved out of the way.

lol great game with nice graphics. its a joke one take it so seriously

The animation is decent and the idea is funny, but the pimp walked too damn slow and I think this game would have been better as a level game as opposed to a timed game. It would have made it a lot more interesting. The controls were fine and everything else wasn't bad.

But the gameplay kinda sucked,the pimp walked pretty slow which slowed the game down for me really and it was kinda hard to avoid the hobos with the slow walking unless you was on top of the street,the voices and music was good and funny though but the gameplay just sucked that's pretty much it but i still enjoyed it. :)

yo i bet u cant beat my hi score DEX SUCKS

It was repeditive, stupid, but the graphics were sort of good. I still dont think it was worth the 5th place though. Mabe 7th or NOT ON THE LIST!!!

Hey man it was a pretty cool game. The only major problem i see is sometimes it's hard to tell if you're lined up to whack the hoe. Usually you can tell but sometimes it's hard. It was a good game though so good job!

well I liked the game,and,heh,when I was ittle,that song used to be one of my favs....i don't know what other people are saying,but thi s was pretty good...

Kool game, nice choice in music!!!

R.I.P 2pac

Great game! sound got boring at times and it was a bit slow but I definitely enjoyed it!

Speed is a bit sluggish though. Everything else is good otherwise :)

same ol same ol

well, this game's pretty good, but there's barely and time + the pimp kinda walks too slow, but still, it;s a gr8 game, well done :)

Nice game and the guy before me... it could not have been said better

When future historians open our time capsule and pull out a purple felt hat, they will be reminded of the Golden Age of social progress. Pimping ain't easy, but it is progressive-- inevitable, even.

Altogether, I see it a sign of progress for both blacks and women.
Blacks are free to slap women in the streets, and women are free to "make merry" for profit.

The clouds doth part and the sun shineth through!
Lee Fleming
Cookie Eater

well...i died, and it's pretty basic, but it looks nice

i liked this game its so funny! and the sounds where great but where is the blood man??? i want to see the fucking blood!

nothing great. didn't like it very much.

pretty nice. it was smooth, the voices were good...keep up the good work.next time tho, you should make the cops or whatevah a little smarter. if a cop saw a pimp slapping a 'ho,he'd suspect that prostitution or whatevah was going on. nice work overall, tho. and i believe its 'ho, not hoe. i might be wrong. cant blame me, im white.

"Lord, please pray for the soul of this bitch. And guide my pimp hand and make it strong, Lord. So that she might learn a ho's place. Amen."
--A Pimp Named Slickback
The Boondocks: Episode 3 "Guess Hoe's Coming to Dinner"

\/\/35t 51D3 15 tH3 B35t 51D3 - 2pac

Fuck the hoe's

This is a fun game to play (simply because of the nature of it). The interface could use some work (arrows & spacebar; come on!), but the gameplay is addictive and easy to learn. The sound was well composed and integrated, too.

Problems: I don't like watching some jigaboo walking around slapping women, the score submission doesn't work, and the game runs very slowly (especially the horribly slow intro!!!).

Geez people, if the games so bad, then whats wrong with it? The graphics were great, sound was good too (The guy moved a little slow, but whats it matter?) and the gameplays addictive. I would love to see a full game, where you can spend the "Bling" at a store to upgrade stats that make you faster and stuff, and by stuff for him.

I'm a femenist and this is still funny. Quit being so easily offended you wieners it's a funny game... And a fun one to boot. Wish it moved a bit faster though... Loved the art too.

u know im not a girl or nothing.But i found this game to be disturbing and offencive amoung other thing.though i really really enjoyed going like .5 cm per hour thank u for waisting my time on this game.and i reccomend u think a long time before making another one.But this was a origanald i idea so i cred u on that.

Sooo funny but the pimp needs to move faster than his hoes, it is wayyy too easy,and when you smack a ho in front the police, you need to be penalized(just to make it harder).But because I love beating the s*** out of people, I give it a nine.

it was a great concept and fun game. But people hacked your high score boards, and unfortunately, that makes it uber lame. Also, you move too slowly to get that high a score in 60 seconds.

Had a fun consept and funish gamestyle.

Liked it lotz!

i liked it. i really did. i liked the animation on it. the soundtrack in the backround was pretty good too. overall, an 8 year old could make this game, but i liked. even if it was an 8 year old who made it.

this was a good game, good for a little fun, only played it a couple of times, but its an internet game, it does not have to keep me interested for good!
on all the other reviews; get over it! i liked the little anecdote with the nazis and a gun, but to be honest, the nazis didnt run away in 1945, they put up a better fight than any other nation ever has, but they are still arseholes. this flash is supposed to be a bit of fun, who doesnt like beating hoes? i know i do!

That was funny as hell i think you did a pretty good job keep up the good work and i look forward to seeing more stuff by you.

It offers little laughter. With a sudo gangsta persona and disorderly wannabe gameplay it was below average.

Since i dont want to go all gansta for this i will just say its a good game but sort of weird. You can smack a hoe right next to a cop and nothing happens. Also no blood and the hoes dont all look trampy enough. Also the game wasnt long enough and after i played it once i got sort of bored. Good for smacking hoes for a minute but boring after that.

music wasnt that good, and you moved way to slowly

the hoes should have said somethin when u slapped them, and the slap got a little monotonous

i couldnt get out of the way when the car went by, you move way to slow

play this gizame if u a tru P.I.M.P. peace!

that was okay. not a vary involved game, but it was funny.

to BiggCaZ, the retard who wrote this review.......

You fuckin' loser.
*Graphics were mediocore at best & the character design was too cliche' & overall trash.

*There was no style, period. And wtf is with the shitty ebonics?!

*The music wasn't yours, though wasn't horrible quality it was still below average & you're loops irritatingly obvious.

*The voilence was hobos running over hoes & cops with nightsticks, not hard animation but you still didn't do a good job at it.

*Interactivity involved a space bar & the directional buttons. Though the directional buttons worked well enough the space bar had minor issues as far as accuracy goes.

*Only Suburban assholes that only seen black people in TV & movies would find this bullshit funny.

And some people think African Americans are mad for no reason. Shit like this is what widens the gap between the races & I could go on for a while in an ill-fated attempt to educate your stupid ass, but I'm pretty sure you'd prefer to stay stupid.

end of his review.....................................................

this asshole wrote a lot of retarded stuff, but what i would like to respond to, the worst thing, is where he said african american.......the guy on the cartoon was not african american...he was black...there is a difference...african american implies somebody who lives in america, but is from africa. my step-father is from africa....he is african american....he is also not black. on the alternative, the black people i know have never even been to africa. they can't trace their ancestry back to africa any more than i, a white guy can. in fact one of my black friends traces his ancestry back to ireland. also, nobady said that this took place in america. even if the pimp WAS from africa, this could have been anywhere. so before you say stuff about dividing races, why don't you think of your contribution to it. people shouldn't need to worry about a stupid word. and yeah, i'm not white, my skin is obviously tan, but i don't bitch when somebody calls me white...i call me white...so fuckin deal with it you stupid fuck.


that was fun except that i would slap through the whoes sometimes

That Was Cool As Hell

After tha first time it got boring tho. Pretty good tho. Keep up tha good work.

This was pretty good

I liked it. It was a good little game but the guy is a bit slow and the power ups don't appear alot I played it twice and never got the cash power up but other than that it was very good looking forward to your next game or flash.

This was great. Could do wit better things that whcking but other than that it was awsome.

funny stuff nice grahics and games play, yet its gets boring mabe affter the 3rd time....play mabe twice

Good Graphics,Style,use of sound,Humour and the score board clearly made it better.
You clearly deserve a better score than this.
I want to see more.

Khujo, kindly fornicate with a cow.

The game was simply pimpalicious, you deserve several cookies for your work.

Very original game, however the pimp moved way too slow and there werent enough powerups. Other than that it was funny and original. Good job.

I got many bling by slappin' them hoes, but I get iced by them hobos and da popo's got me!

Dis Game is off da hook! Da last guy who revi00d is stupid, he's prolly a dumb 12 years old! LOL!
Kick ass game! MAKE MORE!

But man... you have some stupid reviewers. I mean; sure, it's politically incorrect. That's why it's funny asswipes. Stop putting sand in your vaginas.

Overall good game. Liked it. Liked the sound, violence, humor, graphics.

Not the best thing; not vote 5 material, but still good.

I liked it, though, I hope this is not part of the game, but I don't see a backgrounds at all, just hookers and a pimp in a white abyss. Is this supposed to be there, or is my flash plugin bugging out?

Nice work on this guys, fun to play, and I know it was a joke, but some people didn't, shame on them.

awsome game keep them coming :D

Aside from the graphics, which were actually fine for this type of game, I gave you high scroes. The style of the game is great, in my opinion. The sound was good, the violence was wonderful, the game was interactive, and funny! The reason the overall score was so low was because of the speed of the game and...well, let me address speed first.
The guy doesnt walk around fast enough. Also, some to be considered is more powerups. Both times I played I got two out of three possible powerups (both times it was cash and pimp juice, didn't get to try the speed) While three are plenty, making sure that one has ample upportunies to get all three would be wise.
The other thing I want to address is that there is only one level. There should be more. The first level could be a practice level, where all you do is slap the hoes around, and maybe you get some cash lying around, maybe not. The second level can introduce the cops walking around, who should be faster than anyone else, and possibly should try to get in the way, that would increase the difficulty(both times I played I neither got busted or hit with a car/cart). Plus the hoes could get harder to catch, and perhaps pimp juice could be introduced. Then on another level the hobo cart could come around, and maybe speed, then you could introduce the cop cars.
I liked the game, but it could have been a lot better, and what I have described is one way that it could be better.
Avenging Angel

Or something like that.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Violence is good regardless of who it is against.

10's across the board, 5/5 GOOD JOB! Twas very fun, and I am definantly not just leaving this review because Edvin told me to. * wink wink *

Look I don't EVER condone violence twards women. I gave it a high score because it is politically incorrect. I showed this to a black friend of mine(hes not african-american because he was born here and he says he is proud to be just an american without the stupid hyphen that seperates us into different groups) We got into a fight with a couple of skinheads, we were kicking some nazi asses when you know skins run in packs 5 more of them showed up. Andre broke loose and went a few feet to my car and got my smith$wesson 629 loaded with 6 240 grain .44 magnum puppies and launched one of them into the air. the last time so many nazi asswipes ran away from a fight was back in 1945. I had a cut on my hand and he had cut on his face. I'm white he's black we both bleed red blood. He thinks this stupid game is pretty funny. lighten up it's just a stupid game. Try living in the real world where dickheads dont even want us to be friends mutch les letting us date each others sisters.

I wish my grass was EMO so it would cut itself it would make things so much easier

Puzz, your shiz continues to astound me and give me large boners, which i use to whack hoes.
Keep up the good work!

I see that you wanted to make the pimp look cool as fuck by walking all slow, but you should find some way to speed up game play and still have him look like he is strolling along all smooth. I don't know how this would be done, but you would have an even MORE entertaining game with a faster pimp and some speedy hoes....... Or something.....

Game was great. I could smack whores all night long (stupid c$#@s), anyway, cute little game.
Is it just my PC, or does this game play like it's in slow motion. I lowered the quality to its lowest setting, but it still crawled; and to think on a broadband connection??? Oh well, if it plays for you guys at a normal speed, keep smacking those walking f&%K holes!

that was crazy! i love it. bitch slapping. lol ..... tight

VERY entertaining. I had fun playing it, and it was set out really nicely. Cool. ^^

We need more great games like these. Keep up the good work buddy!

although he was going a little slow, hard to get close to a person and wack the person. this game reminds me of 'bart's nightmare' or something, that supernintendo game

Those didn't look like hoes...and the pimp look like he's got lead up his ass.

I liked the beggining, the sound was nice also. But the gameplay was too slow and not entertaining enough to be that great. Could be worse 3\5.

Yo, that was pretty cool being a Pimp mo' a minute, homes. I'd luv to see a Pimp with a cane with a philly in his mouth smokin' the major bud, hell there should of been different slapping techniques, or like selling sum good Indica or Haze, and bitch slappin' more hoes, Fu skinhead88!

that's what that ho/hoe in the beginning looked like to me!!!

seriously, good for a quick laugh, but all you can do is slap, slap, slap. Having more moves like spank, neuter (for dudes), and jumps would be fun.

This was fun but only for you who like the pimp slaping, black character (Like me... coll ideal) and if you like wracking those B1Tches. 8 out of 10, good job... I whould have like some more Blood though.

i really liked this game but found the game play kinda slow

That was a lotta laughs right there. Kept me happy for 60 seconds :P. Great job!

That was so funny game, I played it about 4 times and get caught everytime. Damn, I hate when cops come and take me to chail. I didnt do nothing, I just slapped few guys, thats all.
Anyway this game was a diamond. I loved it and I hope you will make more this street fight games.

Hey yo B this game be off the hizzy ya'hurd me T Flo is the straight up pimp masta can't step fo shizzle best start respectin'

Great voice acting, addicting game

Awesome game! Congrats on the award and fp! <3

It's a pretty well made game. It's fun to play.

Yes, it's clever and fun. I have been playing it for the last hour. Might I suggest a bonus for more time?

Graphics were very smooth and well animated, and the sound was crisp and clear (a little repetative). The idea is great and the power-ups are a good addition to spice up the game.

Nice idea, well done.

That was very good the graphics were some of the best i have ever seen for a game and the voices and music i also liked. The walking and punching animations were realistic and smooth and the game had a nice storyline. This is one of the best games i have seen on Newgrounds and i hope you continue to make games as good as this one.

It was ok the only point being it got a bit boring but I liked the idea in general =P

Needs a little bit of work.I don't like this game after playing it for about a minute. Overall it's boring and SUCKS!

+Great graphics 'n' animation;
+Addictive gameplay;
+Score board;
+Great music;

+The pimp's walking too slow.

Well, that was one of the most addictive games I've ever played. You did an awesome work. First of all, I loved the graphics, aniomation and its style. Just great.

I loved the music. My favourite are rap and R 'n' B, and besides, it just fitted perfectly for the game. And the phrases were just awesome, respect to the voice actor!

The controls and conception aren't so tricky, but I'm sure it's not the last time when I'm playing this game. There's just one disadvantage: the pimp walks slower than the bitches.

Although, almost perfect mini-game. It just needs to be a little more quick. I voted 4. Good luck. ^_^

Unlike many other games on Newgrounds, this game is more original, despite its voilence. It's fun playing for 3 minutes but then it gets too boring, and too slow. Perhaps it would be better if it was faster, if you could run, and had long range weapons.

Good game.



Not bad, actually i loved it, 2 thumbs up!!!!!

The game is pure genius surprised that noone has thought of coming up with such a fun game like this for so long. Keep slappen them bitch hoes. Keep slappen.

It was like smacking hoes in real life!

I luff you Gabe =)

It was OK. It got boring after 2 rounds. Nice try, though. It was a little fun. 3/5

I don't like the song, but good concept lol.

Fun for the entire family!

This is a great idea for a game and it was well presented. Graphically the game was great. Character designs and drawings were very well done. The voice overs and random sounds during the game really are funny and made me laugh. The game contained a lot of interactivity like the bonuses and what not. This game was super fun to play and very funny. The only thing I would recommend is making some kind of more in depth version of the game with levels, characters and storylines.

It's funny and a bit fun... but the walking is too slow even if I have low quality on. Try making them faster so I can slap some more hoes!


The controls were easy to use and the games idea was very simple making this very enjoyable. ^_^
The walking animations were fairly realistic and the background was very detailed which is awesome.

HOWEVER if you rightclick and press play a very weird glitch happens and the background goes back to the main menu while the game still continues... I thought it was cool but you might wanna just know about it, yanno?

Anyway overall this game was just a very high quality game made by a professional, well done man! 5/5. =)

I know it's only supposed to be a small game, but it just didn't capture my attention. It was boring and the controls were very slow. Otherwise, the style was very nice and I'd like to see more of this type of animation in the future.

Just not that wonderful of a game.

well done i laughed my ass off pretty good man. good job on it

The game was pretty fun, but the music got kinda repetative and the guy moved too slow in my opinion. I give you a 5/5 though. =)

Keep up da good work.

omg that rocked :D 5/5, Keep up the awesome work :D

That was funny, I liked it. My favorite was slappin two hoes at once and my guys like "GOD DAMN!!", hahaha. Anyway, it also could have been better with some speed. Good job though.


Haha nice work.. hard at first but i recon i got the hang of it, good work

It did lag quite a bit, even with low quality. The intro especially was kinda slow, did you really need that ho to walk so slowly up to her pimp in the beginning? That was a minus for me.

The music... Tupac was great, although maybe you could have had a more pimp themed song for this. You should check out songs by Suga Free and the like... it'd fit much better than California Love, which actually kinda skipped for a few seconds while I was playing.

Otherwise it was a decent game.

that game was hilarious. even the instructions made me laugh. maybe adding a run button would be cool, but other than that I loved this game.

that was a pretty good game...basic in concept but reacted in player responce and controls...A variety of girls were there to smack around, however you should have a special girl to smack up much like the "random bonus"



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3.48 / 5.00