Pass the Pint

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Get ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a few pints of Stout.
Pass the pint from Leprechaun to Leprechaun.
Some will disappear after one pass, others two.
Ensure that only one little fella is left standing at the end of the level!
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Hey man it was just ok.. I mean leprechauns are cool and everything but as a game it wasn't much fun. I did like the graphics and the music though so... Good Job anyway!


a fun simple little game. theres nout like makin loads of irish lepracans drunk

that was fun

another simple idea pull through all the way. :)

This rocks.

I really love this game, it is great fun to play and very simple. However, it did get boring after a bit but it is still great. I can't wait for St. Patricks day. I will be seeing Leaprachauns by the end of it.

I am also Irish and this didn't offend me in the slightest, in fact it portrays Irish people pretty well. Just ask any Irish person and they will tell you; most Irish people love nothing more than a good drink. Now all the Leaprachauns have to do is start a fight. ; )

As for people getting offended, you only have the right to be offended or complain if you live in Ireland or you are half Irish. None of this, "My second cousin nine times removed on my mothers side is a quarter Irish so I am Irish too". I really hate that and unfortunatley I know people like that and they are all American too.

Anyway enough ranting, excellent game man, keep up the great work.

Hey I'm Irish too!

I don't find this offensive at all. It's a bit of a laugh and any recognition of our great day is a honour. Damn sure I'll be joining the little guys in a pint or two of the black stuff this Friday!

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3.73 / 5.00

Mar 10, 2006
12:25 PM EST
Puzzles - Other