Mittens Episode 3

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A bit later than usual, and not exactly the same brand of humor (i.e. less sex). Enjoy :)



that was funny and just like the last guy said, i like the stickman part and the soylent ipod lol. 4/5

Another episode

Another episode of Mittens. The sound, I noticed it sounds a lot better than it did on episode 1. This flash, short again, but oh well. I found it funny especially the choices for the iPod and the stick dancing and listening to his iPod. XD This episode I liked more than episode 1 and 2. Keep up the good work. Time to watch episode 4.



good stuff, keep it up ^_^

good job!!!

This was a good addition to the Mittens series.

Graphics are consistent. Reasonably well-developed stylistically. Not much progress from one flash to the next, which is hoped for. Consider varying the brushstroke to add a bit more character to the drawings. Consider adding a bit of wiggle motion to the line drawings at times to sync up with the emotion/action, similar to what you now do with the pupil dilation.

Animation is minimal. So far all these involve Mittens standing and making commentary. Well, it works for stand-up comics, but how will the flash audience take it?

Sound/voices are pretty good.

Story stood up this time okay. It might be wise to be a bit more outlandish in the DEGREE of things (e.g., Mittens more neurotic, the salesman more disdainful, etc.) since the flash relies heavily on story, having very minimal graphics.

Good Job! :)


the graphix were so cute XD
well I aint a native english speaker, so I didnt get everything they said (you could have a the voices a lil slower maybe ?) but I loved the comparisons with the ipod name and appearance.
haha good job (: I was surprised in a good way seeing the score it's got. gonna raise that up (:

keep it up dude

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Mar 9, 2006
10:34 PM EST
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