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Okay, here's the 2nd flash I've finished so far.. Littlebit longer than the first one, but definitely better :)




I for one liked it, I thought it was creative... I liked how the kid died and how the cat is cruel... Next time you do a flash put credits on it...
I would like to see more humor o the next one...

its good

its a good submission
but whats the moral of the story or dont you had one???
or do you want to say something to the people that watched it????

but its good the cat is the best

loved that kitty !

haha he was so the best. awesome kitty.

the graphix on the dude could be better (anatomy was distorted, it didnt really fit in a "chibi" style either ;o ) and maybe the rupture between the songs.

you could also have tried fbfing (lol new verb) the part where he steps on the mouse.
other than that, i thought it was alright. (: <3 kitty

In flames!

I'm a really big in flames fan, but I like their more hard-core rock stuff. Anyway, about your movie...
Either it was just my shitty computer, or else I found that it was really slow. The fade out took so long that I actually thought about just closing out the window because I didn't feel like waiting and I really just didn't like the ending, if it was supposed to be funny. Next time, try making something better. Cheerio! : )


It was cool i liked how the mouse was on his shoe but i didnt like how the kid died.

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Mar 9, 2006
5:44 PM EST
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