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Bored Aliens Short 01

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*Requires Flash 8*

[Edit] Wow, daily second and front page! Thanks everyone. I've been reading your feedback and am taking note of what's being said so I can work on those areas in the next short. See you next time! [/edit]

Bored Aliens Short 01 - Words a Given:
Zolag and Tebrezneg are amusing themselves until Tasaran comes and disturbs them.

This is my first submission to Newgrouns however I have been using Flash for years (this isn't my first), I have worked hard on this short cartoon and hope you will enjoy it!
Constructive feedback is welcome.

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"y'no Woosh is a kinda nice word "
"thank you"
"aww now i have no drink"


i like this animation...the moves were big on jumping but like that matters!!! looking for another

That was real good

A bit choppy at times, but nice graphics!

I am StickyWicky from BrackenWood btw =p

in awe

unbelievable animation. wow. people who rated this lower than an 8 have no idea what they're talking about. the quality of colors combined with the difficult movements (like throwing, skipping, falling) give this cartoon a professional look.

i want to see more of this from you!

(i'm from brackenwood forums, the mature form of NG!) good to see that we've got someone to represent brackenwood well (other than adam phillips).

pretty good

it was funny .... but too short..... the graphics were good and so was the sound.....great for a quick laugh

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3.69 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2006
6:38 AM EST