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MMBN/Z ~The Deepening~

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(Note: Please watch part one before this one) Well, here's part two of the 4 part series. EDIT: Part 3 is coming up soon! Part 4 is mostly gonna be the final battle between Zero & co. and Weil and there will be an epilogue in part 4.


Great but 1st ??????????

This one was great but the first took like 2min omfg make other 1s thats better


i liked how u used mmz4 bosses. are u gonna use super wile sprite? anyway, keep up the good work ^_^

Hell ya

Good job and cant wait for the next one

DestinyNexus responds:


GAH!!! Mixed music does NOT work!!!

Fuck, get rid of the freakin' Battle Network music; you do NOT mix Remastered tracks with 16-bit tracks. It is the MOST annoying and sadistic thing you can do to a flash.

I voted to blam, buddy; not only do you need more/better sound effects, you would also do to fix up your animation a little.

I have some sound effects you could use, if you like; contact my MSN at PrinceForte @ hotmail .com (without the spaces); we'll chit-chat, and I can give you some animating tips. :)

This movie definitely has potential to be something good; a BN/Z crossover hasn't been done to death (yet), so I want to see this become something great.

5/10, 1 in the Portal.

DestinyNexus responds:

Ok, the next movie i'll only use Remastered Tracks.

i like sprite flashes but this just wasnt good

i'm sorry but this just wasnt a good sprite flash.

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2.74 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2006
3:42 AM EST
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